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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hang On House Plant!

Since Pie Guy rescued these plants from the restaurant and gave them to GB and I, mine has nearly died at least 5 times.

I planted them both in one of the plastic pots that the charlie brown shrubs came in and put the pot in the kitchen so that I could enjoy it and keep an eye on it. The trouble is that my kitchen gets almost no natural light. Its one small east facing window just wasnt providing enough light and within a week, many of the leaves fell off and it looked near death.

As much as I hated to do it, I moved it down to the entry way by the back door. Oddly, it's the sunniest spot in the house which pisses me off. Anyway, I put the glass top from the freecycle table on top of the purple pot which made a plant stand that would put the pot up near the height of the window ledge providing as much light as possible.

I'm so thrilled that both plants have new growth! It's looking like they will survive until the spring after all. I can't wait till its warm enough to put them outside. Looks like I'll need to go pot shopping again! Now that it seems like I'm not going to kill them, I don't mind spending money on a proper pot.

Here's the other thing that pisses me off. GB got the other rescued plant and she threw it in her sunny bathroom still in the plastic grocery bag that Pie Guy delivered it in and it's done so well that she never potted it! Yes, you heard me right! Her's is thriving in her bathroom in a plastic grocery bag! She just waters the grocery bag. That is so not fair!


  1. Some gardeners just catch all the breaks. Your friend probably took the better plant!

    Just kidding. Yours are alive, that's what matters, and they will flourish outside this summer. Think positive thoughts, plants can feel those bad vibes.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Well these look like tropical plants, so a plastic grocery bag in a sunny bathroom will create an ideal micro environment for it at this time of the year!