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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jenga Jugs

Since my first round of winter sowing, we've gather about a gazillion more containers and I'm all set for round 2. If you ask Mr. W, he'd have told you I was ready a long time ago. "ARE YOU GOING TO USE THESE THINGS OR WHAT? THEY ARE TAKING OVER THE KITCHEN!" My plan was to wash, vent, and cut the containers as we emptied them and then take them down to the basement for storage. But as you can see they just keep multiplying and I just keep working around them being annoyed and thinking I'll get to it eventually. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend.

After my post about my first experiece, Trudi, the Queen of winter sowing, commented that she didnt know why I did this whole thing in the basement and that it's much easier to do it in the kitchen. Well, how can I say this, I'm not willing to sacrifice my relationship in the name of winter sowing. You see, Mr. W is a germaphobe. There is no way that he would tolerate somebody bringing big ass bags of dirt into the kitchen on purpose. We have argued time and time again about the magical powers of disinfectants but he just won't buy it. I whole heartedly disagree with him about all this crap but winter sowing in the basement is a small price to pay for all the love I get in return. He's even started saving stuff for composting and recycling without even being prompted! The other day he said "I have always been conscious of turning off lights to conserve but I never thought of the other ways I am wasteful. Now I can even throw away a piece of junk mail without feeling guilty about not recycling it!" I love that man! Here's the thing. He's out of town this weekend. Should I sneak the dirt into the kitchen? Shhhhhh

Here's the other reason I've been dreading more winter sowing

It's been snowing forever!! I can't believe I've lived here for over 6 years and still havnt bought myself a decent pair of snow boots. I'm totally ruining my pants as they drag through the snow and salt day after day. So, I'm off to do some shopping!

ps - to those friends and strangers who emailed me about my non-blogging - thank you for the kick in the rear.


  1. XNice to see you back!
    My backyard looks just like yours, lost in snow. I also am a chicagoland gardener. I haven't started any seeds yet, I usually wait until March so I am really interested in how this project turns out.

  2. Nice to see a post from you. I think you should bring your backs of dirt inside and then disinfect afterwards. We won't tell on you. Promise!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Ugh, that's BAGS of dirt not BACKS of dirt!

  4. I still haven't done my winter sowing! Tomorrow for sure. My yard is also full of snow and more is on the way. I'd sneak the dirt upstairs while he's gone and make things easier on yourself. Vacuum everything really good (germophobes can detect even a speck of soil!!) and then get out the Lysol! He will be none the wiser...

  5. wendi - thanks for stopping by and good luck with your seeds! keep me posted, please.

    carol - can i move in with you if he kicks me out? I'll need a plot to garden.

    alyssa - can i move in with you if carol won't let me move in with her if he kicks me out? I'll need a plot to garden.

  6. Wow, are really rolling on the winter sowing project. Good for you!
    I say respect your man and if that means sowing in the basement, it's a small price to pay for love, peace and harmony. :-)

  7. Wow you are a winter sower. I am reading your blogs backward trying to catch up.

    Good job. As I said I just think about it.