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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Price Is Right!

garden center guy - "can i help you with something"
me - "yes, how much is this planter?"
garden center guy - "well here's the price" *pointing at the yellow clearance sticker*
me - "but that says 20 dollars, right?"
garden center guy - "yes, that's what it says" *tipping the pot over to look at the printed sticker on the other side that says 149.99 and shaking his head like a crime has been committed*
me - "is there something wrong with it???? that is awfully cheap!"
garden center guy - "nope, I guess we just got tired of looking at it"
me "WELL I'LL TAKE IT! You will not believe this but I came here looking for a purple pot today - I never thought in a million years I'd find one this size for 20 bucks"
garden center guy - "that is a great deal. let me help you load this in your car"

The pot is 26 inches tall and square at the top with a 22"x22" opening. I still can't get over this!

I'm pretty sure Mr. W hates me.

Mr. W - "OMG!" "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST TAKE MY TRUCK IF YOU WERE GETTING SOMETHING SO BIG?" *staring in amazement and trying to determine how to get this out of the car before the game starts in 5 minutes*
me - "I didn't know I was getting one so big but it was only 20 bucks!!! How could I NOT buy it?"
Mr. W - "how the hell did they get this in your back seat?"
old neighbor guy - "let me help you with that.....what is this a refrigerator?"
me - "no it's a flower pot" *whoever heard of a purple fridge? is he blind?*
old neighbor guy - "JEEZUS THAT IS ONE BIG FLOWER POT!!!"


  1. They just don't get a good deal !! Do they.:)

  2. I laughed all through this encounter. I have had many such discussions with my Dearly Beloved. Good deal no matter what they call it.

  3. What a hilarious story--and a great deal. Gorgeous pot--i haven't seen one quite that colour before. As for the purple refrigerator...there was a turquoise fridge in an apartment where we lived, one time. I hope the guys got the pot out without straining anything!

  4. What a great deal! I probably would have bought it to, and I am not all that crazy about purple!

  5. Cool... what are you going to plant in it?

  6. laurie & chris - they sure don't!

    lisa - great deal! i'm still so excited about it!

    jodi - at least one back was injured during the unloading. I don't know about old neighbor guy - last time I saw him he was looking for his lost (escaped)dog.

    vonlafin - i love purple! i once painted my kitchen this color

    carol - i'm not sure what to plant in it. suggestions? I was thinking of planting it was annuals since they told me I shouldnt leave it outside during the winter and its so heavy that I hate to need to bring it in fully loaded every year. I'm open to recommendations.

  7. I am beyond jealous. Why can't I ever find deals like that? I am always paying full price for garden stuff. In every other portion of my life I am a bargain shopper. I guess I'm just an impulse gardener -- there's a blog name for you!

  8. That is a lovely purple planter and a great deal! I can't wait to see what you plant in it come spring.

  9. The planter was a score... and will add a nice splash of color wherever you put it!

  10. I love a bargain. If that pot is as large as you suggest, you might not need to put anything in it. It might work as an architectural element in its own right.

  11. Without us, their lives would be just one boring football game after another. We are the spice of their lives! :-D

    Good job on the purple pot!!