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Saturday, July 21, 2007

If it Weren't For Free Stuff, I'd Have No Stuff At All

I tell ya, when you are on a tight budget and you put your mind to it, you can really do a lot for nothing. Take a look at this AWESOME table and 4 chairs I found at Thank you freecycle lady!! I absolutely LOVE this thing. Mainly because I've never seen one like it and it's very whimsical. It needs some TLC - it's pretty rusty. I tried removing the rust with this wire drill attachment they sold me at HD but at this rate I'll be looking for a walker on freecycle before this table is finished. Anybody have any ideas for quick rust removal? After that I'll paint it and it'll look good as new. I was thinking black paint but I'm tempted to paint it purple or something weird like that. I'm taking suggestions for paint color too...

In other free news, I have been back to Mr. and Mrs. Woodchip's house several more times and I think I have enough woodchips for all beds except the roses. There still seems to be quite a bit left so I think I'll go ahead and try for a few more loads over the next few days. I really can't believe how the plants in the foundation bed perked up after adding the woodchips! I love the woodchip mulch so far, and I love that it's good for the earth.

In still more free news, there is presently an old window out in my alley that my neighbor left for the trash and I'm desperately trying to think of a way to use this in my garden. It's about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Anybody have any ideas?


  1. Um, paint a big hosta on it and put it in a bare spot?

    Seriously, look around your yard and see where it would fit. Then decide how to utilize it best.

  2. I love freecycling, too. That's a great table set you found. I can see it in purple, or maybe a deep dark blue. Good luck re-finishing it. I would love to see what it looks like when it's all revived.

  3. Neat table!

    As to the window... clean it up, paint it and hang it on a fence. Or, use it as a cold frame maybe? (not sure how those work, I just remember it has to do with windows/glass) Or if you're artistic enough, paint a scene on the glass before hanging it on the fence, to make it look as if you're looking through the window into something beyond.

  4. wrenna - thanks for stopping by! ps I've been looking at your porch for days - GET WITH THE PROGRAM SISTER! ;)

    christa - thanks for the suggestion. I will definately post pictures when it's finished.

    marvie - thanks for the suggestion and the visit! I like the idea of hanging it on the fence but I'm so not artistic so it won't get painted.

  5. Nice patio set! I once saw in a garden magazine where someone put wood (painted black) behind a window frame, then hung it on their garden shed and with a window box below it for flowers and shutters on the looked awesome, like a real window!

  6. connie - thanks for the suggestion! it sounds really cute except I don't have a garden shed. maybe i can find one of those on frecycle too? HA