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Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm A Winner: Magazine Edition!

I won these! Yay me!

Last summer one of the first gardening magazines I bought was Easy Care Landscaping. I have no idea who is responsible for this magazine but I really enjoyed it and have kept it around and looked through it at least 100 times. It's the one where I saw the pictures with the adorable stawberry pots with actual strawberries growing in them and instantly became obsessed with creating that look myself.

Anyway, on the last page of the magazine Easy Care announced a contest where the winners would receive one of several prizes (cultivator, hedge trimmers, clematis vine). The requirement was to submit a paragraph explaining how you'd use them. I submitted entries for the hedge trimmer and the cultivator.

Yesterday I received a call from work saying that my entry had been selected and I won the shiny new hedge trimmer shown above!! It's a cordless Black and Decker hedge trimmer!

The lady was so funny when she called

lady: bla bla bla "i was calling to tell you that your entry was selected and you've won the hedge trimmers"


lady: "i'm so glad you are excited! i've called several people already and nobody really seems to care that they've won!"

Who wouldnt be excited about this??? I told the lady to feel free to call me back with other prizes and I'd scream for her again. I sure wanted that cultivator! Thank you Black and Decker and thank you Easy Care Landscaping magazine!

Now I can create my own poodle shrubs!!! HA HA @ Carol and Carolyn ;)

Here's my question - can I use these on my hedge roses or do I have to properly dead head them? I had no idea how much time and energy would be required for deadheading 26 hedge roses. Can i just use these things now?


  1. Woohoo! Free stuff! Especially since I know how excited you were to keep pruning the poodle shrubs. We've missed you in these last few weeks!

    Roses? I dunno. My shears get caught up in dense, woody branches.

  2. Congrats Gina. Nothing like a prize. Just be careful with them. They look like a serious tool.

  3. Katie - I've been high off this win for over 24 hours now! Thanks for missing me and thanks for stopping by! I was reading about your Orchard stuff arriving and I can't wait to see it planted and growing!

    lisa - is it just me or does that thing remind you of something from Star Wars? I bet I can fight off the Cicadas with THAT! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Congratulations, Gina!!!!! I'd be excited too!!
    Well, I actually am excited, because just today I got an e-mail that I won a prize in a contest I entered on a dental hygiene magazine website. I can only vaguely remember entering it and they didn't tell me which prize I'd won, only that they would be sending it out to me soon. But I doubt it's anything as fabulous as your hedge trimmers!!