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Friday, September 12, 2008

And The Chocolate Goes To...

2008_0906image0011 Thank you all who participated in the Dagoba Organic Chocolate contest. 

To enter, I asked that you leave a comment to tell me your favorite My Skinny Garden post.  This was so much fun for me!  In addition to giving away chocolate courtesy of the folks over at Dagoba, it was sort of like the People's Choice awards.  It was fun to see what posts people like the most and also gave me some ideas about the kinds of topics I should focus on in the future. 

Winners along with their favorite MSG post

Carol - Still Afraid To Dig

Mr. McGregor's Daughter - Garden Blogger's Geography Project: Forest Park, IL.

Camille Platt- Homemade Composter

Thanks to the rest of you for participating, too!  I wish I had chocolate for everybody!

Elizabeth Licata - The Garden: Earwig Defender Extraordinaire

Katie - No TGIF For Rabbit

Cindy, MYOK - Flawless Brandywine Takes Bronze In Garden Olympics

MA and Buddhist in the West- Chocolates and Gardening and Contests, Oh My!

Blackswamp Girl (Kim) and Tory - When A Tree Falls On A House

Heather - Bastard Garden Flower Arrangement

Debra C. - Watermelon and Worms (not sure if this is the one you are referring to, Debra)

GB - Weekend Warriors: Making Planter Boxes With Garden Buddy

Agnes (the sister of the Garden Buddy) - Pergola Part 3

Carol, MMD, Camille - please email me your home address and I'll get your chocolate in the mail to you right away.

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