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Monday, June 16, 2008

When A Tree Falls On A House

2008_0615image0033 The view from my porch on Sunday morning.

So I'm on the couch at around 6:30 in the morning trying to prepare my GBBD post when it suddenly starts to get really dark outside. Within a matter of minutes a big bad storm was brewing. I'm not talking about heavy rain, I'm talking about like monsoon type weather.

I was sitting with my knees in the couch looking out the living room window like a 5 year old when suddenly our big tree came crashing down on the house. It didn't make a sound.

Did I ever mention how I have the worst response to danger, ever? When the tree fell I said, in my only slightly raised voice, "oh no, the tree fell on the house." Meanwhile Mr. W is behind me freaking out. "HOLY EXPLETIVE! THE EXPLETIVE TREE! WHAT THE EXPLETIVE?" I have been scolded time and time again for my inappropriate response. Like the time the oven mitt that was ON Mr. W caught on fire. "oh honey, you're on fire." Or the time the garage door was closing on the car. "oh no, the door..."


Here's the view from the street. Thankfully there was no major damage. The awning over the porch is dented and all my newly planted seedlings were squashed to death but it could have been much worse.

The thing that irritates me is that I called the village about this tree last year because I thought it was diseased and they said it was fine. Now millions of carpenter ants have been displaced and I'm sure they are finding their way into the house to eat me in my sleep.


  1. Holy crap! I'm glad you and your house are both okay. Every time we have a storm I expect the big maple tree in the yard to come tumbling down. Yikes.

  2. I'm so glad it wasn't a bit taller! But your poor seedlings...Hopefully there are a few still ok in there.

  3. Heather's GardenJune 16, 2008 at 8:21 AM

    I had to laugh, oh no, the tree has fallen on the house. I'm still giggling. Obviously only because you're okay and there was no major damage, but dude, that's hysterical.

  4. Jeez, that's terrible... though I did laugh, I'm sorry to say. I'm glad you're ok and no harm done.

  5. Major bummer! Our fallen trees had the good sense to fall away from the house. As for your "inappropriate" responses, that reminds me of when I was in chem lab in high school & this kid had his Bunsen burner on too high. I was in such shock, all I could do was say relatively quietly, ""

  6. I'm assuming the tree is in the "parkway" and thus the responsibility of the city. If you file an insurance claim, make sure you tell the insurance company that you had the tree inspected by the city because you thought it needed to be removed as it was a hazard and the city disagreed. Also take pictures of where it broke off.

  7. colleen - it was very freaky! i hope your tree never falls on your house ;)

    leslie - i hope so too. I'll let you know!

    heather - i know, right? i think I was more focused on how cool it was that I happened to be looking out the window when a tree decided to fall on the house. that's kinda cool, right?

    soilman - I'd laugh too! but thanks for your concern.

    MMD - ahahahahahaha @ the bunsen burner story. i havnt heard the term bunsen burner in soooo long. thanks for the laugh. remind me to tell you about one of the 3 times I've caught my hair on fire sometime.

    tyler - good point! i was a little afraid to tell the insurance people because I thought that they might just blow me off and say they are not responsible. I mean really they are NOT but I'd rather they fight with the city than me.

  8. Wow, that looks bad! I'm glad you're OK and there wasn't much damage. I would have been scared to death watching it fall! This weather has really been something - hope the bad stuff is over with for a while.

  9. And a parkway tree too! I'd be pretty pissed at the village right now, and I hope they get out there ASAP to clean it up.

  10. OMG, Gina, that's just awful but could've been much worse. Thank god you're okay. Did you lose any newly planted stuff ?

    BTW, how DO you stay so calm in the face of disaster? I thought you'd be the first to freak out.

  11. Ohmygod, I am totally cracking up and now I feel horrible. don't make us laugh when a tree falls on your house, okay? I'm glad no one got hurt!

  12. WOW! How did I miss this huge event/post?! (I saw someone refer to it in another comment and had to scroll down to look.)

    I am SO glad that you all are okay!