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Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Early Birthday To Me!

Guess who got Light Blue Crocs straight off her wish list????? Today I had a working meeting scheduled with Pie Guy at 11am. So 11 rolls around...

Me: "Okay Pie Guy, time to get to work??"
Pie Guy: "I need to get food first, lets go downstairs"

Me: "Where are we going"
Pie Guy: "Lets go down to the first floor"
Me: "Why???"
Pie Guy: "Well there's variety on the first floor
Pie Guy: "'ve got *pseudo-restaurant x* you've go *large coffee chain Y*, you've got *crowded bakery z* across the street...."
Me: "Pie Guy has lost his damn mind if this is what he calls variety". (thinking it-not saying it.)

So we walk outside and I see GB walking towards us grinning ear to ear with GB Jr #1 and GB Jr #2 in tow. I was so confused! GB is off today, what the heck is she doing here? And then I saw the bag! It's my birthday! They totally got me this time! Surpriseeeeeeeeeeeee!!

We went to lunch and had a great time! GB Jr. made me the prettiest birthday card I've seen in a long time.

They are so pretty I don't want to get them dirty!

Thanks, GB, GB Jr's, Pie Guy and Computer Guy! You guys are awesome!


  1. Happy Birthday, Libra ! Now you have to change your profile to read " the big 40 !"

    Those crocs are awesome and I know you'll enjoy them as well.

    Life begins at forty so you're just a babe.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Forty! That's awesome. Hope you had a great day.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  3. Happy Birthday! The sky blue crocs are almost too pretty to wear in the garden. My Fourties were the start of the best part of my life - I'm sure you'll find that too.

    I want to apologize for the comments I made on your Wintersow posting. I didn't have any idea that's what it was all about and spoke too soon. I went to the site and think it is great! I'm going to try it this winter. It makes a lot of sense.

  4. Happy birthday Gina, and may you have a bloomin' great year. The blue crocs are great--I have turquoise blue ones which make me happy (plus I can find 'em when I take them off in the yard....)

  5. Happy Birthday, Gina! Your crocs rock! I have some on my wish list,too. :-)

  6. thanks, carolyn! give me a minute to change my profile - I'm still in shock!

    thanks, carol!

    alyssa, thanks! i sure hope you are right about 40 being so great. there is no need whatsoever to apologize to me. i always appreciate your suggestions. keep them comin! i'm glad you going to try the winter sowing - we can compare notes!

    thanks, jodi! i love the turquoise ones too!

    thanks, connie! i'm sure you'll get those crocs! i'm updating my wish list to say "any color" - I love these things already after just one day.

  7. Happy Birthday!! I love the blue crocs!!