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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Garden Of The Garden Buddy

Garden Buddy invited us over for a bbq today. I havnt seen her garden since early spring, so I was excited to see how things had grown and what new stuff she had planted.Mr. and Mrs. Garden Buddy live in a 1908'ish Chicago Bungalow. It is a very big old cool house and I love it. This is the entry to her garden which is bordered by enormorous pine trees planted by her neighbor over 20 years ago. You can't see it very well from this picture but the trees are contrasting colors and provide nice privacy - they are beautiful and I kept thinking I should come back in December with my oranaments.This aerial photo captures the bigness and color of the trees a lot better.This is the garden just beyond the entry gate. There are billions of varieties of plants here but one kept my interest for the entire party.

This is GB's Rhubarb. Can you believe how big and awesome this is? I think it's so pretty and I'm trying to figure out where I can put this in my garden. I just love the enormous leaves. To give you some perspective on just how big the rhubarb is I've asked Pie Guy to stand next to his beloved rhubard. Pie Guy is 6'8 - he loves to bake rhubarb pie with GB's rhubard. He also bakes apple and various other pies. Thanks for the pie, pie guy!
I love these window boxes.More garden picturesI love these plantersAerial view of the gardenKitchen garden. The pots mostly contain heirloom tomatoes given to Garden Buddy by her father-in-law.
Here are a few of my favorite flowers in Garden Buddy's garden.
This giant pink Hibiscus just demands your attention. I also love the milkweed behind it to the right.This hydrangea reminds me of a wedding bouquet.

I don't know what this is or why I was so drawn to it, other than the ladybug buried in lower portion of it.
Strawberry pot with actual strawberrys!

Cardinal flower.
It was funny, Mr. Garden Buddy said "I wish she'd just make up her mind to leave things where they are." I was trying to explain to Pie Guy on the way home that it'll never happend. It's just not like that with gardening.

We had an awesome time - thanks, GB!


  1. Gina, I love the photos, I just wish I could see more detail. Can you make them so we can click and see a larger version? Garden Buddy's garden is impressive. What a good friend to have as you start your first garden!

  2. heather - I have no clue what I did differently with these pictures that is not allowing click to enlarge. I've looked at them again and they seem to be the same as all the rest and I uploaded them like I always do. Any ideas?

  3. Nice garden...thanks for sharing! It's always fun to have a free virtual garden tour. That hydrangea is so beautiful with it's soft colors.
    BTW, the pictures clicked larger for me with no problem.

  4. Pie Guy needs to come to my house.. I could use some homeade fresh pie!!!I too tried to click on them.. LOL Do you know the Hydrangeas name?

  5. I realize that this post was written way back in 07, but the photo of the rhubarb is great. I have always wanted rhubarb in my own yard - we had some when I was little, but how do I find it? Gardening centers? Where oh where?! :)