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Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Sunday And I'm A Sourpuss


Sourpuss - a person having a grouchy disposition that is often accompanied by a scowling facial expression.

The best thing about today is that the Geranium J Snappy gave me is about to bloom.  Other than that, I'm not happy.  In keeping with the list theme from my last post, here's a list of the crap I'm crabby about.

  1. The weeds in the front gardens are insane.  I ran out of plant markers therefore I did not mark all the seedlings that I planted a few weeks ago therefore today I'm pretty sure I ripped out newly planted seedlings along with the weeds.
  2. I was caught in a hail storm during number 1.
  3. I've got writer's block.  Or maybe I just have nothing interesting to say.  Or at least nothing I think of seems interesting to me so I can't imagine it'd be interesting to you.
  4. I have several books to read but instead of reading them, I just keep buying more books to read.
  5. I'm mad that my rain barrel is black and Garden Rant is sporting a cool terra cotta looking one.  I'm also mad about my shallowness regarding wanting a cooler rain barrel.
  6. I'm sick of looking at the winter sowing containers filled with seedlings, but not sick enough to plant them all.  I despise my laziness!
  7. The Yarrow I bought for 75% off and planted last year is a freak plant that belongs in a big field and not in my backyard fence border.  I wish Bruce thought it was a weed!  The stuff is already almost as tall as the 6 foot fence and is crowding out my poor replacement Weigela Wine and Roses.  I wish death on thee!
  8. It's my weekend for laundry.

Man, we could be here all night.  Somebody pass the happy pills!

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  1. Heather's GardenJune 22, 2008 at 8:31 PM

    OMG, plant the poor seedlings or they'll be frying in there. I hear ya though. There are some days where I just don't feel like doing anything. But usually when I walk out to the garden and start poking around the blahs lift.

  2. I so totally know what you mean about weeds vs. seedlings. I have no ability to tell the difference until they get to a certain size, so I always end up letting weeds get fairly big before I know it's safe to pick them out. Last year I accidentally weeded a bunch of herbs I'd planted, d'oh! This is only my second year gardening, so I'm hoping I'll learn over time how to recognize things better.

  3. You've got the midsummer gardening Blues in June - uh oh. Some seed packets have a picture of what the seedlings will look like, but yours probably don't. There's got to be someplace you can find pictures of seedlings. Here's a thought to cheer you up: at least you have to do the laundry only on the weekend. I have to do laundry every day. I hope you come out of that funk soon!

  4. I was in FL for a week and I came back to a yard of WEEDS. It's all I've been doing is pulling weeds. So I hear you. As for the yarrow, I bought a tiny one late last summer - I means tiny tiny and it's as big as the full grown ones I have now. They grow fast and are considered invasive, so make sure you plant it where it has lot of room. But I agree with MMD, you have the mid-summer blues. Right now my garden feels overwhelming and I'm taking this landscaping class and feel like a total garden loser. I think I need a tall margherita.

  5. What you need is a nice diversion, like NBA draft night! Watch for big trades... rumors are flying.

    Now pull yourself out of your funk and get out there and weed!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  6. Gina, you may be feeling like a sourpuss, but your list is hilarious. And you know why it's hilarious to me? Because I've BTDT!! Was Monday kinder to you? Hope so! :-)

  7. Heather - I'm trying, I'm trying! there are too many!

    anne - this is my second year gardening, too! welcome!

    MMD - thats a great idea! i should look for some pictures. Thanks!

    rosemarie - after reading your comment I realized that the yarrow must go. i have no place for a plant of that demenor any place in my garden...

    carol - it's all draft all week at our house! as much of my time and attention as the Bulls get I think they ought to come over and help me pull weeds (for free).

    kylee - thank goodness it's not just me! somebody told me I should get a mower like yours so i'm on my way back over to your blog to dig up your old posts about it.

  8. Are you serious? Your yarrow is THAT tall??!!! WOW.

    I hope you've viciously torn it out by now... not because I hate yarrow, but because that kind of therapy would certainly help me through the winter blues. So I hope you indulged in a bit! *grin*

  9. I pull sweet annie every year because I thought it would be great to have in the garden. Some plants should come with warnings!

  10. I don't understand the problem with buying more books even though you have several to read already...what if you were to run out of books when you really needed one? You are actually being very smart and proactive. One should always have many back up books on hand...the problem is keeping them organized so you don't buy one you already have waiting to be read...:)