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Monday, June 23, 2008

Cosmic Flowers

I have no idea why I can't just let the flowers be. 

Are these the coolest flowers ever?  I'm pretty sure if flowers grew on the moon these two would be in there somewhere. 

 2008_0621image0079Eryngium Blue Sea Holly


2008_0621image0091A creeping Sedum whose name I cannot recall.


  1. Holy cow that is blue! Now Gina, are you playing with psychedelic flower colors again?

  2. Katie - I only adjusted the brightness (which is acceptable according to the majority of bloggers per my post on the subject) because it was washed out. I did the same thing to the picture below of the sedum. The Sea Holly really is that blue! Do you have any of this stuff? It's beautiful!

  3. Those flowers are really cool. Sort of "Star Trek"-like. Do you also grow any of the globe Alliums? Those are kind of space looking too.

  4. that blue holly is uber cool.

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  5. Argh. Gina, I've been trying to ignore the pretty gallon pots of eryngium in my local garden center... THIS PICTURE ISN'T HELPING!!! lol. It's way too cool. And I'm way too weak. :)

  6. Hi Gina, I am finally getting around to visiting a few blogs after many weeks of no computer time. Working on several projects in preparation for a family reunion here in July.
    That was a huge tree that hit your house....I'm glad you are okay!!
    That is a pretty sedum, I think I have the same one, planted from seed last year. I just bought 3 new sedums that were on sale....they are sort of addicting, ha.

  7. How do you grow the blue sea holly? That's beautiful. Something I've never seen before.

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  8. I'm very partial to sea hollies too, Gina, and to confirm for you those who might be doubtful--yes, they really are that blue, some of them. They're glorious.
    I should know what sedum that is, but my brain is mushy this evening (too many weeds, a topic you're familiar with) so I just haven't gotten a niggle of a name.