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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Potted Lettuce

This is going to be my new patio table centerpiece. It will soon be filled with lettuce from the seeds that I sowed in a shallow terracotta pot I had sitting in the basement. The patio table is white and I think the contrast of the terracotta pot and the mix of lettuce leaves is gonna be great!

Anybody else have an interesting edible centerpiece?


  1. Heather's GardenMay 31, 2008 at 8:24 PM

    My containers of lettuce are in a prominent position on my patio, but not the centerpiece on my tables because they both have umbrellas. Great idea though, Gina.

  2. That's a marvelous idea! I'd love to do something like that outside on my picnic table but last time I put any type of plant out there our lab promptly knocked it off the table and demolished it.

  3. That will be a really pretty centerpiece. My patio table is in the shade so no edibles there. But I'd like to see your lettuce once it "grows up". It's such a nice, fresh looking plant.

  4. my lettuce was beautiful one day and the next day GONE!!! it got so hot so quickly, it couldn't handle it.. Good luck with yours.

  5. lettuce is the only vegetable i know that is not so choosy in the kind of soil you will use to raise them up for as long as they will sprout and live. i am sure that your lettuce in that pot will grow absolutely perfect.