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Monday, May 5, 2008

My Folia = My Favorite

Being the follower that I am, as soon as I saw Garden Rant mention My Folia on their blog, I ran right over to check it out.

I love this site! My Folia is such a great compliment to my regular garden blog because it allows me to track my plantings over time. Tracking was one of the reasons I started this blog but now that people actually read my blog, I'm concerned about boring them with too many details about my plants. At My Folia, I can design as many separate gardens as I want, then document what is planted in each of them with pictures and all. I can also search for other people who are growing the same things as me which is nice since I'm always needing somebody to help me not kill something.

Yesterday I posted a picture of what you all told me was a Lily and when the first person said that's what it was, my first thought was "OHH YEAHHHHH, I did plant one of those!" But there are like 4 coming up and i really only remember planting one. I looked back at my blog from the time I remember purchasing the one Lily and there is really no documentation about how many I bought or when I planted it (them). With My Folia, I could have logged that I planted it (them) and then I could just look it up and not have to rely on perfect strangers to tell me what I've planted in my own garden.

So, check out My Folia! You'll love it! And if you decide to join be sure to look me up so that I can keep up with your gardens over there, too.


  1. uhoh... all I need is one more internet tool with which to waste my time! lol! This looks awesome and very useful! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. These people emailed me from flickr and the site looked cool but complicated. Now I just got startedon there .. oh boy. I'm hooked now!!