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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Gardening Changed My Life

Please bear with me but I'm feeling very sappy and I'm overcome with the urge to write a big ole corny post about gardening.

Tomorrow (May 21, 2008) my blog turns a year old. I really can't believe how my life has changed over the last year as result of gardening. Actually, some of it has been more related to blogging than gardening but the two are so blended that I almost can't see doing one without the other. It's like blogging has just become another step of gardening, like putting away your garden hose when you are done.

Here's my very first blog post that was written the same day I planted my very first kitchen garden. I really cracked up looking back at the birth of some of my flower beds and the transformation of some of my first plantings. For the next few days I think I'll make these transformations the focus of my blog because I'm telling you some of this stuff cracks me up.

Somebody get the violin!

Gardening has changed my life in the following ways (in no particular order)

  1. I've established new friendships that I think will last a lifetime with people who share a love for gardening. shout out to GB!

  2. I've crossed e-paths with some really great gardeners across the world who have been so helpful to me for reasons I still don't understand and even met one in person. Thank you all!

  3. I've found a great way to de-stress that does not involve drug abuse. HA

  4. I've learned more about the environment than I ever thought possible just from paying attention to my dirt.

  5. I've gone way outside my previous comfort zone building all sorts of crap and even though I've made tons of mistakes I've had so much fun doing it! Plus, my confidence about DIY stuff is out the roof and I'm pretty sure I could build a house or something. (OK maybe not a house)

  6. I've been inspired to explore some other creative outlets that I hope to tell you about soon.

  7. My yard is prettier and I know how to grow food!

I think my blog (and my life) will be changing in some very big ways over the next year and I can't wait. I don't have some big master plan other than to keep on gardening but I believe we should all be moving forward so that's what my garden and my blog will be doing.

Next up I'll be showing you how my Dwarf Bell of Georgia Peach Tree went from shabby to chic.

Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Happy One Year old birthday! I really like to read your blog because of the enthusiasm and joy that radiates off the pages. You should be very proud! The pergola looks wonderful and is an inspiration to the rest of us. Looks quite professional and you can brag to everyone that you had a big hand in building it!! I'm looking forward to reading more of your life in the Skinny Garden. You always make me smile...

  2. Congratulations for a year of growth in the garden and in yourself!!

    Ain't the world a wonderous place?

  3. Congratulations! Blogging and sharing your stories is really a gift that works both ways. After buying my first house, I found your blog by searching for gardeners in my area (we actually live in the same town) to help me figure out what I can do on my property. You've inspired me in so many ways. Thanks!

  4. Happy birthday... and well done for sticking at it! May I say that I've really enjoyed reading this blog since I found you, and I've had several proper out-loud laughs from it. Thanks sincerely for that. Don't stop!

  5. Heather's GardenMay 21, 2008 at 5:52 PM

    Happy Blogiversary! Mine is still a few weeks away, but I share many of the same sentiments. I have a sneaking suspicion of what your news will be and can't wait to hear. You've done a lot in a year and you deserve to be very proud.

  6. Happy Birthday, Gina! I love your writing and have enjoyed chatting with you over the "e-fence" this past year. And it's nice to know another antisocial blogger!

  7. Congrats on your 1st blogversary! I noticed that there weren't any negatives on your list - I hope it stays that way.

  8. alyssa - wow, thanks! and thank you for your always encouraging words. I appreciate you!

    hi nancy - thanks a lot!

    amanda - you must have not read the rule that you are required to notify me immediatly if you are a neighbor. WTH? you live in my area? why did i not know this??? i would have invited you over to the pergola party ;)

    soilman - ditto! i love your blog too. thanks for the love!

    lc - thanks!

    heather - now you've got ME curious. what do you think my news will be? I'll give you 3 guesses.

    david - i really enjoy your blog, too! thanks for the nice words and for being such a great e-buddy.

    MMD - i should have added #8 I can't grow coneflower.

  9. Happy blogiversary! Best wishes for a fruitful year with lots more adventures for us to enjoy!

  10. Happy, happy Birthday to 'My Skinny Garden'!! Have enjoyed meeting you through your blog and seeing your amazing progress over the past year. I just celebrated my first year of blogging last month. Gardeners are a great bunch of people, no?

  11. Has it been a year already? Congratulations! I don't remember when I first found you and your blog, but I do know I love your style and I think it is great that you have discovered gardening and how wonderful it is.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  12. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! I'm always late to these parties, it seems, but I agree with your entire list. Especially #2--not only that people are nice and helpful, but that they take the time to leave comments just continually amazes me. A comment is like a mini-Christmas somehow. :)

  13. Hey Sweet Cakes, are you one year old already? Seems just like yesterday. My how you've grown !

    It's been fun observing your garden adventures and mis-adventures.

    I'm happy to know that gardening has had such a positive influence on you.

    Happy 1st birthday !

  14. GORGEOUS Echinacea flower (and photo)! Happy birthday.

    You might like this pic too:

    Or this:

    Come visit anytime!