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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let The Gardening Begin

I finally got outside today to get a few things done. Truth be told, I'd have put this off another weekend except patio dude is coming on Tuesday and since he's agreed to fill my raised beds with the dirt he excavates, I had to get the leaves out. Unfortunately the stuff wasn't nearly as decomposed as I'd hoped.I'm sorta worried about the mildew looking stuff at the bottom of the boards. Is this normal? Will this infect my plants?
Here's where I moved the stuff.

Maybe this will heat up and break down now that its piled higher. Wanna know what excited me today? The smell of dirt. I was very shocked by this as I've often thought some of you garden bloggers were sorta wacky when you go on and on about the greatness of the smell of dirt. I get it now.

This is the peach tree I planted last year. Besides the kitchen garden, this was one of the first things I planted. I'm excited to see that it seems to have made it through the Chicago winter. There's all sorts of other great things going on in the garden that I won't bore you with but I'm pretty freakin excited...

Next weekend agenda: cut back all perennials from last year.


  1. Hi Gina - The patio project sounds really exciting. Oh, I hate to be a "killjoy" but make sure that the soil that is moved from the digging isn't just some crap, backfill. Lots of times it can be and also besure there is not grass roots in it. If there is, you'll be pulling grass out of your raised beds forever. It will help if you mix in the leaves and other organic matter with the soil.

    As to the mildew (or mold) on the boards, it won't bother the plants but I think the boards (unless they are treated) may rot in time. Generally, mildew won't grow on any treated wood.

    I love the smell of dirt too. It is exciting to me. I'm sure most of your plants survived the winter. You had as much snow as we did and snow is like a nice warm blanket for plants. Don't worry you won't bore us (me, for sure) when you write about what's coming up. I'm just as excited as you are! Happy Spring!!!!!

  2. I’m so happy to see a Chicago backyard ready to be worked this year. I have been reading where your winter has just kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny rabbit.

  3. Can't tell from the photo how large your compost pile is, but in order for it to heat up, it should be at least 3 ft. x 3 ft.
    If you think soil makes you excited, wait until you sink your hands into your first homemade compost, ha.

  4. Good for you that you were able to get out and enjoy the garden. It's still cold, rainy, and not very spring like here in PA.