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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Project Patio: The Who And The What Decided

3rd time's a charm. Corny but true in the patio saga. I've decided who will do the patio which I hope to tell you all about as soon as I can get his approval to plaster his likeness and his company's likeness all over my blog.
I didn't care too much for the Sierra Holland Stone but it seemed to be the reader favorite and once I went to look at it in person, I could see why. I think it will look good with the color of the siding on my house and the different shades adds interest.

The landscape guy is coming by Sunday morning to sign the contract and schedule the installation. He wants to start on Tuesday - YIKES!

The estimate for the pergola was way out of my budget but I've asked him to give me a price on just installing 4 cedar posts for me. GB and Pie Guy have offered to help me finish the pergola but none of us wanted to think about digging holes and mixing concrete right in the middle of my newly installed patio.

This is very exciting but for some reason I'm a little nervous.


  1. This is a big project and a big step. You will love your new patio!

  2. A big change is always intimidating, & the mind runs away will all sorts of disaster scenarios. Just keep thinking about how great it will all look when it's done & don't try to second guess yourself.

  3. Heather's GardenMarch 30, 2008 at 5:36 PM

    Nice, I'm so excited for you. There's nothing like a brand new patio!

  4. Good idea to have him set the posts for you! That's half the job there, and y'all can probably handle the rest yourselves. Isn't it a miracle, when you see plants coming back to life after a long winter?

  5. You can think of the patio as an extended living will love spending time there!