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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Gardening Shows Are Back!

I know, I know, I'm not suppose to camp out in front of the TV, but I'm so excited that the morning gardening shows are back on HGTV!

What I like about the HGTV morning gardening shows is that it gives me inspiration to drag my ass outta bed. I'm hoping to be on the treadmill watching gardening shows every morning at 6:00. That's a tall order for somebody who has gotten in the habit of sitting around being depressed about the snow.

Here's the HGTV lineup:

Monday - Curb Appeal at 7:00 this week. I really don't care for this show...
Tuesday - Gardening by the Yard at 6:00
Wed - Outer Spaces at 6:00. This is hit or miss for me...
Thursday - A Gardeners Diary at 6:00. I love this show!
Friday - Urban Outsiders at 6:00. I'm not familiar with this one but it's that British dude that use to do the city gardens show.

Now that the gardening shows are back on, it must be officially gardening season. We made it!


  1. I was ecstatic to find Gardening by the Yard on this AM, I love Paul James, so my morning coffee was much more enjoyable, it was followed by Simply Quilts, but I had to leave for work before it was over, I agree it means spring is finally here. Yeah!

  2. Can you get Desperate Landscapes? It's my favorite.~~Dee