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Saturday, February 9, 2008


This is the winter patio of the Garden Buddy. Notice how the bottom left corner is outlined with the winter sowing containers. So orderly, so planned. Why can't I be like this???? Isnt Envy one of the 7 deadly sins? Well, I envy her patio AND her winter sowing! Here's the scoop from her email - proper documentation. Why can't I be like this???

"Here is my list. I planted everything from annuals to perennials, including veggies. I don’t know what my success rate will be but I wanted to give it a try. I only had 12 milk containers so I used foil pans, water containers, bulk salad containers and take out boxes w/ covers. I sorted the seeds by growth height and then planted them in the appropriate sized containers. I put everything that was <18 inches high in the small take out containers, medium for the foil trays and the gallon containers for the taller plants. I still have the last 3 plants on the list to plant in addition to Foxglove and Morning Glory seeds from our HD trip. Once I get seedlings, we can use this list for our container gardening plant swap. GB Junior took the pictures of how I set them up outside. The containers are numbered and match up the plant list by number of packets. Numbers start from the small black containers and if I am looking out from the kitchen, they go from right to left (kind of like reading Hebrew) or if I am standing in the yard facing the house, from left to right. I figured if the Sharpie labels fade, I can still figure out what’s growing."

I can't figure out how to post her planting chart but imagine proper spreadsheet with all seeds entered and coded by height. It includes the number of seed packs and the total is 43.

Here's my favorite part from another email.

"Here’s the sad thing….I need more containers so I have offered to convert the regular milk to chocolate milk in order to have the kids finish it off quickly. I refuse to buy soda so that they drink the milk. I’m also trying to get them to drink the apple cider so I can use that, too.

Mr. GB was looking for the huge spring water container to change the tank for the frogs. I had to confess that I confiscated it for my WS project. He just laughed and thought I was crazy.

Sadly, I am a gardener with a mission. "


  1. I'm right there with your friend. I have used apple juice containers, although cutting around the built in handle thing is hard. I'm not so organized, if the ink fades I am in serious trouble.

  2. Gina, I have that envy too. I just don't have the discipline to do such things. I love the idea of it. I keep saying I want to try it. Maybe it will take if I keep saying it.