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Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Growing Challange

I was so excited to see that Melinda over at Elements in Time is hosting a challange to grow a new food. I'm so there! I've been throwing around the idea of growing green beans since I was enjoying a plate of delicious frozen ones the other day and dreaming of how fresh ones would taste. Now it seems I have no choice! I must do it! I have no seeds so I must find them and I must plant them!
From my understanding, the rules are that I must choose something I've never grown, grow it from seed, and post about it once a week. No problemo! Here's the thing - I have no clue how much space it takes to grow green beans and since I don't have much, I reserve the right to change my veggie without notice. Remember, my world revolves around tomatoes!

And, if you havnt taken the time to go over to read Melinda's story please do it. She and her husband up and left the big city to grow their own food organically. I love it! I read her entire blog in one sitting.
So why don't you join us? There's GOT to be something you havnt grown that you'd like to try!


  1. Good to see you are participating in the growing challenge. Thanks for stopping into my blog and dropping a comment. My wife and I grew up in Northern Indiana and now we are in Tennessee, so I guess we traded regions. I hope you are enjoying the snow. I still get to see it when I visit my family on christmas, but thats about all I need for the year.

  2. Bush green beans are very easy, and really don't take much room. I'm seriously trying to think of something I have never tried to grow, hhmmm, turnips, kale, leeks. Oh! I have it, bird house gourds, I already have these seeds bought, and have never tried growing them before.

  3. Green beans are fun to grow if you make a teepee for them. I'm looking forward to reading about what you decide to grow.

    I'm doing the challenge also and I picked Chioggia Beets, German Chamomile and Beetberry. This should be interesting. :)

  4. i've only planted bush beans, but I absolutely love growing them. they are just so easy to grow and always yield a feast. plus it would also be a perfect reason to learn how to can if you've never canned before! good luck

  5. Hi Gina - I'm so glad you've joined the challenge! And wow - thanks for reading our whole story, and for spreading the word.

    I completely understand a world revolving around tomatoes. You can grow beans in places where you can't grow tomatoes - they'll grow along your fence, or you can train them just about anywhere (as long as it gets a lot of sun). You might try scarlet runner beans, as you can eat them as green beans or eat them as dried beans. They have pretty red-orange flowers, and the beans themselves are gorgeous. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds, too.