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Friday, February 22, 2008

2008 Tomato Lineup

Following Colleen and Carol's lead I thought it was about time I introduce the starting lineup for the 2008 tomatoes. I'm starting them all from seed and if everything works out ok I won't need to buy a single plant! Except for 1 variety, all my tomatoes are from seeds I received from Trudi over at Trudi participated in the garden bloggers seed exchange and she really hooked us up on the tomatoes. Drum roll pleaseeeee!!!

Prolific yellow cherry tomato - Indeterminate
75 DTM

Heirloom This will be my first time with Brandywine - Indeterminate
75-90 DTM

Meaty fruits over a pound! Indeterminate
80 DTM

Comonaut Volkov
Delicious red tomato - Determinate
75 DTM

Heinz 1439 (may try my luck at canning with these)
Canning variety - Determinate
80 DTM

Large Red Grape (I love grape tomatoes on salads!)
Long clusters of oval fruit - Indeterminate
72+ DTM

Martian Giant (Martian sandwich?)
Large red beefsteaks - Indeterminate
90-100 DTM

San Marzano Plum (I see sun dried tomatoes in my future)
Pear shaped paste tomato - Indeterminate
80 DTM

Tomato Blend (I'm always up for a good mystery!)
Assortment of different shapes, sizes, colors - Indeterminate
70-100 DTM

White Beauty
After Marc was showing off his exotic 2008 tomato line up I was inspired to order these seeds from Baker Creek. I'm sort of creeped out by the thought of a white tomato but I just need to see these for myself.

There you have it folks! I can't wait for that first juicy tomato! Which ones are you growing this year? And I was sitting here wondering if there is a gardener out there who grows veggies but does NOT have a single tomato in their kitchen garden. If you are out there we'd love to hear from you. I personally do not think they exist.


  1. Good list. I really am embarrased by the plain-ness of my list and am going to order some more varieties. I don't know how I ended up with such Boring Tomatoes!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Creeped out eh? LOL! I felt that way the first time I ate a green zebra.....but it was so yummy the color didn't matter after that.

    good luck with your tom toms!

  3. carol - the only reason I have anything besides the plain jane ones is because trudi had some great ones to choose from. there is no boring tomato! only delicious heavenly ones!

    nickie - what im worried abous is that I always make my bf taste stuff i'm scared of first before I try it, but he won't eat a raw tomato unless it's on a veggie burger. This means I'm on my own!