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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Growing Challenge: Bean Siting!

Is this the cutest thing you've ever seen? I'm in love!

I decided on Bush Beans and Yellow Zucchini for the Growing Challenge and yesterday I spotted this under the grow lights. I nearly screamed! It's the bush bean seed I stuck in the coconut fiber pellet. No sign of the Zucchini yet but I'll keep you posted.

In other seed starting news, the coconut fiber pellets are doing great. I see growth in several of them after 6 days. Unfortunately there is not a damn thing growing in the peat containers.

Stuff growing in coconut fiber pellets above.

Nothing in the peat trays below.

I'm pretty much freaking out about this because all of my tomato seeds are planted in the peat trays. Every single one of them! I'm so shocked by this. For some reason I thought the trays would be so much better. I already hate them on so many levels. I hated filling them with dirt - what a mess! Every time I water them I think there is no way they'll hold up until planting time. They are so flimsy I feel like they are falling apart already.

I have more seeds to plant today and I'll tell you right now, I'm going coconut fiber all the way baby! I remember that MBT told me I could go buy this stuff from a pet store but what I noticed is that the coconut fiber is only staying together because of the little sock thingy holding it in place. If I try to make these myself, how do I make the sock part?


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  2. You can make newspaper pots and fill them with the fiber. I make paper pots with one of those paper pot makers, but you can use pretty much anything in the house that is a coke can, or a rolling pin or whatever.

    If you want I'll post a picture on my blog. I'm starting my seeds today.

  3. TA - thats a great idea! after reading your comment I found an instructional video on how to make these. thanks for the suggestion! now I'm worried that I've started things too soon.

  4. I have a diary over on my blog of when I'm planning on starting seeds and I'm waiting a bit longer than you but then again I have a book in front of me that says I'm waiting too long. Who knows!?!

    I'm starting with tomato and the cool weather crops cauliflower and cabbage. I'm holding off on the beans because I don't normally start them..I direct sow. But to each his/her own :)

    Just remember that our average last frost isnt until Apr if you put anything out that isn't cold hardy before then be watching the weather and be ready to deploy protection.

    If it's not time to put your seedlings out just yet, just pot them on into something bigger. No worries.

  5. Gina,
    here is a nify little online tool. Just plug in your last frost and first frost dates and it'll tell you when to start what, whether you're doing it inside or out. I adore this thing! lol. Change the dates ahead a little and you can write down a schedule (or even jot on a calendar) of when you should stick seed in some dirt so you're all ready to go before it's even time. (obsessive - who, me?).
    Grow Guide
    I think I'm in love with whoever created that thing!

  6. TA - thanks for posting the diary. I'll check that out.

    Tina - THIS THING IS SO GREAT!!! I'm in love with whoever this is too! Thanks so much for posting this link!

  7. Hi Gina - Your plants look great and don't worry, the tomatos will be up soon. I kind of think it's a little early to be starting beans and zucchinni inside. I'm afraid you'll be frustrated because they will grow quickly and become leggy and flop over and break. Because they germinate and grow quickly, I wouldn't plant any of that type of thing until 4 weeks before the last frost date. And I'm not to sure how beans transplant - I always sow them directly. I know you can't wait to plant and I have felt the same many times but too early of sowing can result in great big plants growing in the basement. No matter - the learning is the fun of gardening.

  8. alyssa - that is just depressing! actually I had already read enough to know i'd planted these too early but unfortunately the damage is already done. Thankfully, I still have plent of seeds left to direct sow when it's time but I'm really worried that the squirrels will get them! What about my annuals? is it too early for them, too?