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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sow Seeds, Water, Repeat

I'm out of control! I've ordered more seeds since setting up the indoor lights in the basement. There is no way in hell I'll ever be able to use all these seedlings if they happen to grow. Looks like my friends and neighbors may be able to come over and go shopping.

I did a few more containers for Winter Sowing and I think I'm done with this method until next month when I'll do a few annuals. Thanks for the help, Connie!

On Alyssa's suggestion I covered my indoor seeds with plastic to keep them moist and warm. There is absolutely no evidence of any growth at day 3.

So, with the acquisition of all these new seeds I'll need to set up more under the second light. I'm telling you right now that if these things don't grow I'm going to be soooooo pissed off. I have invested a lot of time and emotion into this already and I expect a great return!


  1. Gina - Don't worry. You'll soon be seeing tiny green shoots coming up. Three days is very quick even for fast growing annuals so just be patient. I'm glad you covered your flats - I'd feel really bad if I didn't say anything and you had little success. Once you are bitten by the seed starting bug, you never look back. I know from experience. It is an exciting, and yes, emotional, time. Have fun!!

  2. Gina, I was laughing because I also was hit by the sowing fever. If all my seeds germinate I will have vegetables for me and my neighbors. And now I've started sowing perennials...

  3. Holy cow Gina! I think a) you'll have to make some more friends, and b) I wish I lived closer! :0)

    Your winter sowing skills are quite refined as we can see!

  4. Gina, You're most welcome...anytime!

    I had waaaay to many plants my first year, too, though my friends sure didn't mind receiving the extras, ha. I sowed more lightly this year, as I can't bring myself to kill of any of the cute little seedlings. :-)