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Monday, August 6, 2007

Indecisiveness: Will I Ever Finish A Project

I'm in spray paint hell.

I stripped the freecycle table and I actually kinda liked the way it looked afterward but noooooooooo, I had to go and paint it. So I got Copper spray paint from Ace, painted it, hated it. That's it below with the Copper color. I asked Mr. Wonderful and his reply was "i like it - it looks fresh and new" BAD! I don't want fresh and new, I want old and weathered. After another trip to Ace I returned with some grayish "hammered finish" spray paint. Painted it, hate it even more! I didn't include a picture here but just imagine medium boring gray. Mr Wonderful's dad said "it looks like you couldn't decide what color to paint it since I can see at least 3 different colors." What a mess. Now I dunno what to do.

What I'd really like to do is try to do a blue patina. After I did these 2 coats of paint I found a kit where you can do blackened bronze (which is kinda the color I want it to be) and then blue over the top for the patina look. Thoughts?

The old white window now has no glass. I removed all glass yesterday. It's pretty worn out and I'm pretty sure investing even one can of spray paint in it may be worthless, but I'll give it a try. I was first thinking of painting it some bright color like Red or Purple then planting an English Climbing rose to climb up it as a trellis. I have since decided that It should be lime green with a Sweet Autumn Clematis growing on it. AND they have the Clematis on sale at the greenhouse by house. I would probably plant it right behind the purple Iris. What do you think? I love the combinations of light greens and whites. I think it will be pretty hanging on the fence.


  1. I love your idea of training a clematis up it! It will be absolutely lovely.

    You really needed to paint your table to inhibit the rust coming back, I'm sure you will get it right soon.

  2. My Autumn Clematis is huge and goes absolutely nuts. I think it would over-power the trellis and in a few years you'd not be able to see it. If you have your heart set on it, make sure you prune the clematis ALOT. It is a beautiful plant.

    The bistro set would be wonderful in the blackened bronze (with blue over-tones). Very classy I would say. I just love that little table. How could someone just put it on the curb??

  3. wrenna - thanks for the encouraging words about all that paint i wasted. I tried to keep telling myself that, too. Now that it's been raining for 2 days, I suppose it was good that I put something on it that would keep it from rusting again.

    alyssa - I was worried about the clematis getting out of control too. I remember reading on someones blog that it does that. I don't necessarily have my heart set on that. can you think of someting else that would be a nice climber with white flowers that might be more appropriate? regarding the table, they actually listed it on i wouldnt have been able to part with it but maybe they acquired a new one that was even cooler than this one? I dunno but im glad to have it!

  4. I agree that a blackend bronze would be lovely. I'm not sure about the blue over-tones, maybe try a little on the underside of the table first? Paint's cheap, don't fret about it. Better than buying 2 different sets before you found one you liked -- right? BTW, I've added you to my daily reads.

  5. Gina - Actually the spring and summer blooming clematis would be very pretty and are much better behaved. Also some of the hybrid honeysuckles are white and very lovely too.

    I'd never heard about and just checked it out. What a fantastic idea. I'll have to let my sister know too. Thanks so much.

  6. Here's my 2 cents: Love the lime green!!! I have sweet autumn clematis and it is just blooming now and looks lovely (I will post pics soon); it is however wild and I get shoots everywhere. Also, the irises I have bloom late May; so you won't have (I think) the clematis and the irises blooming at the same time if that's what you're going for.