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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Another First: Bell Pepper

I guess I was just too impatient waiting for the red bell pepper. Another lesson - peppers take longer. I'm guessing that this will eventually turn red? It's the cutest thing in the garden this week. Divided the Iris using David's instruction - thanks, David!

Cantaloupe, round 2. It bloomed again and now I have a second set of babies growing. I haven't even harvested the first ones! I sure wish my grandma lived closer to me. I spoke to her this morning and told her all about my garden. She was VERY excited about the cantaloupe. I told her I'd try to send her pictures since I can't bring her some to taste. She'll be 90 next month - I miss her.Table and chairs are ready for painting. I finished the sanding the table top today and was getting ready to start painting when it started raining. Unfortunately it is just enough to ruin my painting project but not enough to actually water the roses, which really need it. Hopefully it'll get painted tomorrow.I also turned the stuff in the homemade composter and i think it's working! I was so scared to mess with that stuff for fear that some animal would jump out and eat me.


  1. The cantaloupe and peppers look delicious! Your grandma will be happy to see the cantaloupe. It is cool! I am curious to see how you decide to paint your table and chairs.

    Those rains are frustrating - you still need to water, but you can't paint. That has happened with my garage wall painting... hopefully today!

  2. Hi Gina - Your great peppers will eventually turn red - but it does take quite a long time. I usually eat mine green. How fortunate you are to have those wonderful cantaloupe - they must be delicious. Your bistro set is a great find. And you said it was free! What will be the colors?

  3. kate - it finally rained enough to water everything last night and this morning. I started painting the backs of the chairs and the table top a metalic copper color but i dont really like it. I really wanted it to look old world weathered. I think i liked the goldish looking color it was before.

    alyssa - thanks for stopping by. yes the bistro set was free. can you believe that?? i painted it copper color but don't like it so i think that's gonna change.

  4. That little pepper is indeed cute! All peppers will turn red eventually, if you have a long enough growing season.