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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tomatoes and Daylilies - The Most Photographed?

I have no pictures of Daylilies (because I don't have any in my garden) but I am struggling almost every day with the urge to blog about tomatoes. I don't know if this is more related to my tomato addiction, or the fact that it's the best thing in my garden right now but I feel like we are all getting very close to our 2007 tomato blogging quota.It's true that I do love tomatoes and my good friend Laura actually made me realize that I'm probably obsessed with all things that contain tomatoes. I love straight tomatoes, any sandwich with tomato on it, tomato sauce, any red pasta sauce, ketchup, tomato soup, tomato juice, I could go on and on. In fact, the only thing related to tomatoes that I really don't care for is fried green tomatoes. Forgive me fellow southerners, I just don't think a tomato should be defiled by covering it with some crust type material and frying it. On the other hand, they are also the best thing growing in my first garden ever.

I mean take a look at this bowl. I only planted 5 tomato plants which cover 4 varieties and I harvested all 4 different kind just today. I've got some other things cooking in the garden but these tomatoes have really come through for me. I have fretted over my beloved watermelon plant, attempted to hand-pollinate it (which totally creeped me out), and been watching the only 2 melons that grew for what seems like eons and all the while my great tomatoes have been growing like crazy despite the abuse they have suffered under my watch.

It seems like most other gardeners love to photograph their tomatoes too. The only thing I think may be photographed more than tomatoes on garden blogs are Daylilies.

Would you agree? What do you think are the most photographed on garden blogs?


  1. I love your tomatoes too! I am failing with tomatoes this year. I guess I just didn't pay enough attention! There are not too many and they don't look so good! A gardener never gives up. I will have great tomatoes next year but kudos to you on yours.

  2. Marion in SavannahAugust 7, 2007 at 7:58 PM

    I am SOOOO jealous! I'm not sure what went wrong here for me this year, but like Layanee mine failed. Swarms of white flies, and I think they carried a virus... I'm pinning my hopes on a few plants I snatched up from the big box store, but so far no joy. Last year my Sweet 100s inundated us with fruits until a hard freeze.

    Oh, and tomatoes are more photographed on gardening blogs than day lilies... MUCH more photographed. It probably says something about what people love to eat!

  3. I'm just getting started with lining up my tomato posts, so I sure hope we haven't reached the quota on tomato blog posts for 2007!

    There are a lot of daylily pictures out there, aren't there? I think that's got to be the number one flower right now. Roses are probably second.

  4. about cats on garden blogs? Coneflowers? Roses, too, although I think perhaps it's all a seasonal thing. Those of us who trail behind seasonally may be later posting our 'garden porn' photos of plants we really love, although we're all in the daylilies together right now (those of us who are besotted by them, that is....)

  5. Okay, stop bragging about your tomatoes. Those of us in the northeast are weeks behind you mid-westerners and dying -- I mean dying -- for some! Even the man around the corner with the huge vegetable garden who's been doing this for years doesn't have ripe tomatoes yet, so it's not like I'm doing something wrong in my first garden. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  6. I bought a cherry tomatoe plant that is turning out to be another kind of tomatoe plant, either that or those are going to be the biggest cherry tomatoes in history.

    Hey, I noticed sundials on your wish list, here's a cool link for you.

  7. Really nice tomatoes. I'm jealous too. We only have cherries 'cause there is too much shade for the larger varieties. They are doing well, ripening nicely when some creature ate lots of them. I think a deer had a nice meal. There are more left, so I've got my fingers crossed.

    I think people love to photograph tomatoes more than daylilies. At work the talk is always tomatoes - rarely is there any conversation about dayliles. And red is such a fun, juicy color!! They both are neat in my book but tomatoes are just more popular.

  8. Well Gina, It's got to be the tomatoes, because i actually have a picture very much like yours in the bowl that i took (dont hate me) almost 3 weeks ago...The tomatoes definately grow well in the south. I only wish i had planted a few more plants.On second thought didnt i send you a photo of a daylily not too long ago? :)

  9. Your tomatoes are drool-worthy. I want some!! I think I have the same colander as you ... there are lots of tomato pictures on blogs, as well as daylilies and roses and for a short spell, delphiniums.

    I'm like you in loving tomatoes in any form... all year long.

  10. You are right that there are a whole lot of blog posts about tomatoes. When I put this post on Veggie Garden Info, it will be the 94th tomato post on there in just two months!

    But how can you blame the bloggers for posting (bragging) about their tomatoes? Tomatoes ARE the king of the vegetable garden. I am like you - obsessed with them. I am growing 20 different varieties, which includes many heirlooms!

    Great job with your tomatoes! You deserve to brag a little and to enjoy a lot!

    Very nice post.

  11. I think Tomatoes may be the most photographed... that fresh tomato taste is so eagerly anticipated by gardeners that they can't help but brag a little when the day of ripening finally arrives!

  12. layanee - im so sorry to hear about your tomatoes. that sucks!

    marion - i didnt realize how lucky i was to have tomatoes this year. seems like lots of people are having problems. im loving my sweet 100's too!

    carol - bring on your tomatoes!

    jodi - i didnt think about the cats but yes, they are highly photographed too!

    heather - even my garden buddy's tomatoes are growing at a different rate and she is just a little north of me.

    wrenna - thanks for the link! ill check it out.

    alyssa - i completely agree that tomatoes rock! the same thing happend to my moms tomatoes.

    shannon - update your blog dammit! remember that, if you don't post pictures, you could be making this up as far as we know ;)

    kate - it's nice to see somebody loves them as much as me.

    marc - 94 huh? wow! i'm definately growing WAY more tomatoes next year.

    connie - i think you are right! glad to know its not just my imagination.

  13. Gina, I don't think your nuts about your tomato. I planted them too this year and I just can't believe I actually grew them, they actually turned red, and they taste AWESOME! So kudos to us on our first tomato experience!!