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Friday, August 3, 2007

Seeds And Stuff...

I received my lettuce seeds today!

I ordered these seeds after reading Farmgirl's detailed instruction about growing lettuce from seed. I was so impressed I ordered them straight off the website that she orders from. I'll be planting them sometime in in the next month or so in the soon to be built planter boxes. The nice people at the seed store also sent me a free pack of Common Thyme. Thanks nice seed store people!

Here's my dwarf snapdragon that I bought a while back. It's another plant that started blooming after I added the woodchip mulch. Notice the bastard weed in the background. I hate that stuff!

In other gardening news I finally cut the scary cracked Big Boy tomatoes. Mom (and everybody else) was right! They were not all gross inside at all! I had a couple of slices on my veggie burger and it was AWESOME! Guess who's having a tomato sandwich for lunch tomorrow??

I have another busy weekend planned. Here's what I'm hoping to get done.

  1. Paint awesome freecycle table and chairs (I finished de-rusting it. YAY)
  2. Deadhead 26 hedge roses AGAIN. These things are blooming like crazy!
  3. Dig up evil purslane
  4. Spray more skinny weedkiller on bastard weeds
  5. Return ugly plastic planter boxes
  6. Scrape paint off old window and find place to hang. I think I want to get rid of the glass in this thing and use it as a trellis for a climbing rose
  7. Turn compost in homemade composter
  8. Divide Iris

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  1. What a list of things to do! I could be funny and say, "then what are you going to do after lunch on Saturday when all that is done?"

    But it looks like it could take a while to get through that list!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens