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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Garden Buddy = Gardening Coach

Ever since I read the posts on Garden Rant about Gardening Coaches, I've been trying to convince my garden buddy, who I never realized is my official Gardening Coach, to think about doing this professionally. She is exactly what they describe as a gardening coach and she would be so fantastic at it!! Here's why...
  1. When I wanted to start gardening, she convinced me that I could do it myself
  2. She made suggestions for things that would look nice and that she thought I'd enjoy, starting with my pink hedge roses on my fence line.
  3. When I thought I had taken on too much and was ready to give up, she INSISTED on coming over, brought her tools, and helped me dig for hours!
  4. She insisted I find my property survey and brought me graph paper so I could start mapping out my garden properly and brought me beginner garden planning books from her personal library
  5. She has shared several of her own plants with me and helped me decide where to plant them
  6. She has an awesome personality and is extremely easy to talk to and a fabulous teacher

I keep telling her that I'll be her first reference and I've got the pictures to show what she's helped me do!

I would recommend my gardening coach to anybody. I credit her for my small successes and I have no doubt I would have given up a long time ago had it not been for her. Plus, I'd love to see her do something she loves this much. And get this, she already has a name for her business!

Thank you, Garden Buddy (Coach)! I appreciate you! Just do it!


  1. A Gardening Coach is really cool idea. Thanks for posting this I'd never thought of it before.

  2. That would be my dream job! ;-)

  3. Aren't all gardeners coaches in a way? I know alot of people ask me for advice, but they rarely take it once they get an idea of how much actual work is involved.

  4. A very thoughtful posting, Gina. What a nice gardening coach you have. That's exactly what I was until I got the confidence to quit my day job and dive in head first. I haven't regretted a single day of it !

  5. MBT - go for it!
    vonlafin - go for it!
    wrenna - they need a landscape designer, not a coach ;)
    Carolyn - im curious about how you landscapers advertise.