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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Holy Smokes!

I discovered a Jalapeno on my pepper plant yesterday! This happened accidentally while I was trying to break the death grips my Cantaloupe had on the Tomatoes. This little sickly pepper plant is right in between the two and it has looked so bad for so long that I've basically started ignoring it. You know, pretending like its not there, in the ground, being eaten by some bug I haven't learned about yet, or some fungus or bacteria I don't know exists, possibly infecting all my other plants...

Anyway, I was so thrilled I almost screamed when I discovered it. I had lost hope that this plant would produce any fruit at all and actually almost threw it away on several different occasions for fear it would spread whatever nastiness it has to my other thriving veggies and fruits. Look how cute it is!

But look what all it's leaves look like in the next picture. This can't be good. And it's not just a few leaves - it's the whole damn plant! I seriously do not know how this thing produced fruit.

And how abought this picture. I couldn't see this stuff from where I was standing and this picture gave me a whole new outlook on these future peppers. Take a closer look. What's that hanging down from the pepper in the center of the picture? It looks like some gross slime. And look at that little pepper starting to form over to the left of the one in the middle. What the hell is that coming out of it? Is that a worm??? Should I not eat these things? I think I may have nightmares that I eat these peppers with the worms inside and the worms start to multiply and ...HOLY CRAP I'M REALLY SCARING MYSELF!

Either way, I'm glad to see this plant producing fruit. I thought I had some garden curse on my pepper plants since they have really struggled and the other stuff hasn't. If my life is in danger from these plants, somebody please let me know. Otherwise, I grew it - I'm eatin it!

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  1. It's my first year gardening, but we have plenty of jalapenos already. I think the brown papery thing hanging around the pepper body is flower remnants, maybe the petals or something. I kind of like them because I think of them as little grass skirts for the peppers. You should appreciate them while they're there because ours have fallen off. I think the straight brown thing is also a flower remnant--maybe the style and stigma, which are the sticky external female parts that receive pollen. Someone else with more experience may know better, though.