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Monday, July 16, 2007

Devine Garden Intervention

I've been complaining for 2 months about how much I need mulch for my low-budget garden. First I thought I'll just leave it mulchless until next year but the dirt just looked awful so I decided to try straw. At 5.99 per bale It was very affordable but it wasn't nearly enough and it really brought out the brown in my dead grass. Then I found dark brown mulch on sale for 1.99 per 2 cubic foot bag. I bought 10 bags and that was barely enough to cover the garage bed. I can't win!

Well, today I found free wood chips on Craiglist and the best part is they were right by my house!! Thank you Craigslist Woodchip Couple!! I loaded up my car with 4 trash cans and 2 storage bins and headed over. I could not believe that pile of wood chips - IT WAS HUGE! Mr. Woodchip pointed out that it was starting to compost and I could actually see the steam coming off the pile. I made a second trip over to their house to reload. I really wish I'd had on my heart rate monitor so I could have seen how many calories I burned. I was a shoveling fool! For one thing I wanted to get the hell out of the heat but Mr. and Mrs. Woodchip were also trying to enjoy their Sunday outside and I felt like I was being very intrusive.
So after I refilled and loaded all my cans and storage bins I climbed in my car, hands shaking, face red as my Sweet 100s and I was thinking I THINK I MIGHT FAINT! I pulled out of their alley and at the very first stop sign this lady comes running toward my car screaming and waving something. I'm thinking WTH, I don't need this right now! "FREE WATER, FREE BOTTLED WATER, WOULD YOU LIKE A BOTTLE OF COLD WATER???!!!". I am not making this up! She gave me a bottle of water and God Blessed Me. That lady may have saved my life! And Mr. and Mrs. Woodchip probably saved my garden. Here are a couple of shots of the foundation and fence bed after woodchips.

The garden Gods were good to me on Sunday.


  1. Your mulch looks nice. We need mulch but haven't found the time yet.You got love that it was FREE!

  2. laurie & chris - thanks for stopping by! You should keep an eye out of craigslist and freecycle for free mulch in your area.

  3. What a treasure you found and thank heavens for the bottled water! the mulch leaves the garden looking tidier and finished. I love hearing about free things that one can actually use!

  4. Well, aren't you the ONE now ? You betcha it was "devine garden intervention ! "

    Your garden is looking " mighty purty ".

    How come nobody ever offers me free water? Was it something I said ?

  5. kate - I went back for more wood chips this morning and plan to do the same every day until its gone or i'm fully mulched. And wait until you see the cute patio table I got from freecycle! I'll post it soon. Thanks for stopping by!

    carolyn - I think you have to be near heat stroke before the water intervention kicks in. Thanks

  6. Wow,

    You're getting all kinds of cool free stuff. I love CL.

  7. It's so true that there is lots of free stuff out there if people can just connect...craigslist is great!

  8. I completely understand trying to get a garden started on a budget. We put off mulching because of the cost. When we finally found some affordable mulch, I couldn't believe we waited so long! Our plants in the front are SOOOO much happier now, and we don't have to water two times a day.

    I was similarly blessed by a free, cold bottle of water that seemed to drop from the heavens when I was shoveling and bagging oyster shell in Florida's summer heat last year--don't ask. It was such a devine gift that I remember it as a great moment over a year later.

  9. I call mine the mulch fairy.. Once the mulch dries out the color should lighten and provide different contrasts.. I love it..

  10. mariwood - thanks for stopping by! I'm so shocked that the plants I thought were looking sickly due to my crappy soil really perked up right after I put the wood chips down! It's magic!

    dirty fingernails - I have been back for more 3 times this week and plan to get lots more this weekend. Hopefully i can do all my beds, even the rose garden! Thanks for stopping by.