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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: My First One - YIKES

I wasn't going to do this because I'm so intimidated by the other gardener's bloom days but what the heck. Carol takes the time to organize this and she's been so great to me. So here goes.
Above and below: Pink Simplicity Hedge Roses. These were planted the first week in June. I'm very proud of them.
Below: Rudbekia - please disregard the big weed in the background unless you can tell me how to get rid of it.
Below: Phlox Laura - I bought this after Carol recommended I buy Tall Phlox. Carol - I'm still looking for the "Creme de Menthe" variety.Below: smaller Rudbeckia


  1. That's a pretty tall phlox you have there, and that rose hedge is going to be stunning when it is "all grown up". A garden grows one plant at a time. You'll be amazed next year when those perennials come back bigger than ever!

    Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. My purple phlox is about 5 feet tall, a veritable monster! Thinking of it always reminds me of a phlox story, we were trying to sell a house and I told the landscaper we hired (I was too busy) to buy some tall late blooming perennials, bee balm or phlox. She said but phlox is a ground cover and blooms early in the spring!

    Gardening humor!

  3. Oh, forgot to say that your hedge roses are beautiful. Next year they will be spectacular!

  4. carol - thanks for your never ending encouragement.

    wrenna - thanks for stopping by! good story about the landscaper and the phlox. Isnt there some sort of "creeping phlox" that is more of a ground cover? Maybe thats what he was walking about? My mom's landscaper in Nashville planted tall Orange Daylilies in front of a bunch of smaller plants. She was so mad!

  5. Yep, Gina, thats what she was talking about. I explained that there were other kinds of phlox but I wasn't wearing an orange vest so she didn't believe me!

  6. Congratulations on your first Bloom Day, Gina. Things look great, and you ought not be intimidated, discouraged or anything other than proud of your efforts.
    The mantra with perennials especially is First year sleep, second year creep, third year leap. Although rudbeckias are always anxious to please and will try to leap their first year out, too. enjoy enjoy!

  7. Jodi - thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words. I swear if you pro's didnt keep telling me its okay for my stuff to look like crap I dunno what I'd do ;)

  8. Your roses look nice (I like things in rows), and the phlox was a good suggestion from Carol because they are just so pretty. I have several of the same variety and at this time of year they really make the garden.

  9. Hey Gina,

    That rose is so pretty. I have the Laura phlox and love her color.

    You have a young garden and the fun of it is to watch it mature.

    Thanks for sharing your blooms.

  10. Wow things are looking really good! You've come a long way!!!