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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm a Strawberry Snob: Propagating Strawberries

I still haven't planted strawberries in my craiglist 5 dollar strawberry pot. My problem is that I bought my strawberries way back in May and they are organic. I've been keeping an eye out for more organic ones but haven't seen any. So - I decided to try to propagate my own! One article I read said that the runners from the strawberry plant will root into the ground OR you can shove them down into some potting soil and wait for them to root there. After a few weeks when the runners have established a good root system, you can snip them from the parent plant and re-pot them wherever you want.

I started 4 little pots for my runners. 2 on each plant. I put them in a little plastic pot that some plants I bought were in and I'm sure I'll regret that since I cant really water them 15 times a day. The article I read also said that you should plant the pots in the ground. BUT, as usual I'm very impatient so as I do often, I only followed part of the instructions. I'll still need about 5 more plants to completely fill my pot but ...

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