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Friday, June 29, 2007

I am my Watermelon's pimp

During my daily reads I noticed that Christa over at was sporting a nice sized melon on her blog. I was very shocked because last week when I read her blog where she posted her baby watermelon pic, I was saying to myself "I have one of those too!" but mine shriveled up and died a few days ago (RIP baby mel). So as I'm reading her blog I realize that there is some fertilization/pollination/plant-sex type of activity that needs to go on before any melons can be born and that, much to my surprise, what I THOUGHT was a baby melon, was just a swollen "ovary" - GROSS!

So I did more research and then the pieces started falling into place. Ohhhhhhh there are boy and girl blooms - THAT'S why they look different! Ohhhhhhh, THAT'S why people are complaining about not seeing bees (i thought they were nuts). Ohhhhhhh that's why it turned black and died!

And since I too have seen no bees, I'll be setting out on a mission to artificially inseminate my watermelon starting tomorrow. I have to say I'm fairly grossed out by this whole thing, but I do love watermelon and it is my favorite thing in the garden and it's only right that it bear fruit, yes?


  1. Yep, bees are a big deal, much needed in the garden.
    I once toured a greenhouse at Epcot and there was a worker there hand pollinating cucumbers because there were no bees in the greenhouse, naturally. It's all part of nature.

  2. Hi Gina,

    You gotta love watermelons to go to that far ! Just kidding. Good luck with the pollinating.

    Don't forget to join in the Garden Bloggers Muse Day tomorrow, July 1.