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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hand pollination

I found and pollinated 4 girl watermelon blooms. I really don't think I did this right since I think I read that they should close again after they are pollinated and I did not notice them doing that. I tied a ribbon on each one so that I could keep watch on them. I sure hope this works. The 2 cantaloupe plants also have blooms all over but I can't really tell which is the girl and which is the boy with these so they are on their own.

I also used a drill today for the first time ever. I hung my trellises on the back of the garage. I love this drill and I'll be looking for other ways to use it. These things have been leaning up against the garage for a month because I thought it would be so difficult to mount them. It was easy! Who needs handymen!


  1. Hey congrats on putting up the trellises. Looks good.

    btw drills are the second best invention next to duct tape. I bet you could have mounted them with duct tape too.


  2. MBT - duct tape! Why didnt I think of that?

  3. congratulations!!!! happy gardening

  4. Hey gina the cantaloupes will have the same baby fruit as the watermelons. Good Luck