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Friday, June 29, 2007

Squirrel Vandelism

Okay now I'm really irritated.

This morning I decided one of the 2 coneflower passalong plants needed to be split. It looked horrible and I was worried that I hadn't planted it right to start with and that it was too crowded in the hole I dug. So I did it. I felt bad because this thing already looked very sickly.

After getting out of the shower I peeked out the kitchen window and it was missing! But I did see a suspicious looking squirrel in the area and after I finished getting ready for work I hurried over to find this.

That little jerk dug up my freshly planted already sickly flowers!! So there I was, in my clean work clothes, sweating AGAIN, in the dirt AGAIN, planting the same coneflower, AGAIN.

It made me wonder if this is what it feels like to find graffiti on your freshly painted house.

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  1. I have holes all over my garden from those rascals. But I think the most dangerous thing in the yard is ME. I ran over some coneflowers last night with the car - ones I actually were happy where they re-seeded themselves. I was so mad!