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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Autumn Moon Japanese Maple, Take Two

A week ago Monday I pulled my car into the garage and as soon as I stepped out of it and glanced out the garage window, I knew something was wrong.

My landscaper pulled out the little Autumn Moon Japanese Maple that I planted last year in memory of my late father-in-law.  The tree was very small, probably only two feet.  Still, it was leafed out therefore I have no idea how it could have been mistaken for a weed.  It's inexcusable.  There are a lot of things in my yard that look like weeds, but who could mistake the leaves of a beautiful maple?  They also thought my Coconut Lime Echinacea was a weed, too.

I purchased a replacement which I planted today.  This one was the next size up and it's quite a bit bigger than the other.  These really are beautiful trees.  I'm so glad that I took Carolyn's advice and ordered it.  And as soon as I get reimbursed by the landscaper, he's getting fired.  I have had enough of people destroying my plants.  From now on, I'll be doing all my own mowing.

If you are looking for a well priced Japanese Maple, I highly recommend Wildwood Farm in Sonoma California.


  1. You got that large of a tree through the mail?? WOW! We have an 'Autumn Moon' too, but it's only about two feet tall. I'll never forget Carolyn Gail's gorgeous one and now it looks like you've got a gorgeous one, too! :-)

    You're right...there's no excuse for destruction of something like that. It's not like they look like weeds or anything.

  2. OMG, Gina. Those are not landscapers , they're "landscrapers" as we call them.

    Your photo of the 'Autumn Moon ' is gorgeous. mine is more spectacular than ever.

  3. Kylee - yes, it was shipped in the mail. It's not really that big. Maybe the picture makes it look bigger than it really is? I believe I could have even ordered one side bigger and still been OK shipping.

    Carolyn - YES! Yours IS gorgeous! I don't believe I've ever asked you but how old is your Autumn Moon?

  4. People who mow, wack and pull are not landscapers. I like the landscrapers term. I hope your new tree grows beautifully for you!

  5. Agreed that they're landscrapers. Ug! How sad. Definitely hire someone else and perhaps walk them through your yard pointing out plants that should not be pulled up. Hopefully the next one won't need that kind of education because they'll actually have some horticultural background. Sorry you lost your little tree.

  6. Did you fire the gardener? I don't know how a real gardener could mistakenly yank a japanese maple, especially since it has been in your garden for awhile, and the gardener has surely seen it before.

  7. Hi again, Gina. My Autumn Moon is around 4 years old now. It grows a little faster than the Full Moon.