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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ted's Greenshouse: Cactus and Succulents

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to the 2010 Chicagoland Flower and Garden Show was access to Ted's Greenhouse, the mother of all cheap awesome Cactus and Succulents in the Chicago area. 

This past Sunday, it seemed like MrBrownThumbDiane and I spent more time on our first go round at Ted's than we did at most of the display gardens. Then, after we made completed our purchase at Ted's and made our way around the rest of the marketplace, we seemed to keep drifting back there over and over again for another look.

I bought $18 worth of plants.  The smaller ones were $2.00 and the slightly larger ones were $3.00.  Bargain!

If you're visiting the Chicagoland Flower and Garden show this week, be sure to stop by Ted's.  They are friendly, helpful and cheap!


  1. That aloe is so cool! I was poking at my two plants this morning and saying "Why did I only buy two???" Will rectify that tomorrow. Ted's is like a crack dealer for planties.

  2. I bought three of them from there on Saturday! I took a pic, which will be in one of the posts I'm doing on the show.

    There were SO many wonderful ones there! I should have bought more, too.

  3. I LOVE Teds - used to shop there all the time when I lived in Tinley Park. I still go back there at least once or twice during the season. Ted used to visit the owners of the greenhouse where I work once or twice a season - didn't see him last year though - hope he's doing ok.

  4. Awesome prices! I agree, the aloe looks great!

  5. Yes the aloe looks fab. Thanks for the cool pics

  6. Haha. You're right. I spent more time at Ted's booth than I did in the gardens.

    I'm sorry to see them go. We should start a Ted's club and caravan out to the brick and mortar location sometime.

  7. Great windowsill for plants! Thanks for sharing.