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Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Official - I love Aster's!

Here's what's blooming in my front yard garden this morning.




























I grew all these from seed, thank you very much!

What do you say?  Show us your Asters!


  1. Wow - those are really gorgeous! Makes me regret not getting mine into the ground this spring. :( But mine never quite looked like that.

  2. You're pulling our leg, right Gina? I've never seen an aster that looked like that. To the best of my knowledge they only come in pinks and purples. Are you sure you didn't mis-label the seeds?

  3. holy cow! You have to tell me what kind of asters those are, their names and where to get them. wow!

  4. Those are gorgeous! Are they China Asters?

  5. They almost look like mums. Whatever they are, they're gorgeous!

    Carolyn, I've got some white asters that bloom earlier in the season than my fall ones. But yeah, the fall ones are pink and purple.

  6. Gina, I did a Google search and it looks like those are Tiger's Paw China Asters. Beautiful!

  7. Okay. This may be a duplicate posting.

    Hi Gina, My name is Lesa, and I live in Plainfield, Illinois. I'm 36 and love to garden. You, however, wouldn't be able to tell from my yard yet. I've been gardening for like 2 plus years.

    Let me get to the good stuff: I planted a garden within the last few weeks -- imagine that -- tons of bulbs, an Azalea Bush, moved tons of tiger lillies, two different perennials so far. Okay. It's an orange/burgundy/cream/white-themed garden. I'm still working on it. Hard work, let me tell you. I'm hunting and hunting right now for perennials on clearance in my colors.

    Also, I'm now working on a purple/burgundy/cream/white and maybe pink-themed garden. So far I put in a garbage bag full of dark purple iris -- had to do all the prep. I recv'd 3 garbage bags full of stuff from someone on Craigs list for $20. Blood root, dark purple iris, lilac color iris, lamb's ear -- just a little of that -- peony. So I was and am sooooo excited. I planted these huge white daffodil bulbs I got from Sids. So lots to be done, but the rain keeps stopping me.

    Anyway, I just sent out for my seeds to start winter sowing. I'm very excited. I got this infor from your website.

    Any suggestions on good seeds that bloom the first year from winter sowing?

    Your asters were beautiful. Did you winter sow those?

    Boy, you're ambitious.

    The more I'm reading your blog, the more I have in common with you. It's kind of like twilight zone. Anyway, I have a cousin who lives in Oak Park; her name is Gina. And she's around your age. Sound familiar?