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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Gardens Of The Magnificent Mile: Chick #1


If you've ever been to Chicago you know that Michigan Avenue, specifically The Magnificent Mile, has beautiful gardens just about all the time.  And if you are lucky to be shopping when they are changing gardens at the end of the tulip season, they'll even give away the tulips as they rip them out. 

Yesterday while walking to an appointment on Michigan Ave. I noticed the current garden displays featured in The Gardens of Magnificent Mile.  It's chicks dressed in funny/interesting/weird stuff sitting right in the middle of the gardens!  It's funky and I love funky.

They are sponsored by businesses and I think you can even bid on them if you like.  I wonder what it would cost me to have one of these chicks sitting in the middle of my garden.  I also wondered what it would cost me to set one of these up with a card sponsored by My Skinny Garden.  Now that's my kind of blog advertising!

Here's the first one I ran across, which also turned out to be my favorite.  Can you guess why?  It's called God's Creation and it's from Moore Landscapes.

The theme is "Where Fashion Blooms".  Catchy, or Corny?


  1. Yeah, I'd wear that - right after I change my name to "Eve." That is so fun. I'd don't think the slogan is corny, rather I find it amusing.

  2. Pretty darn catchy, Gina. Those are cool, aren't they? I used to volunteer at the Chicago Artist Coalition and got to work on one of the cows on parade a few years ago, which was a lot of fun.

    You'd need to mortgage your house and car to get a chick sitting in your garden or have your card sponsor one. You'd be better off cruising around the thrift shops and finding your own form and decorating it yourself. You could call it 'Bloomingdells . '

    Don't go telling about them giving away tulips - you'll cause a riot. Actually they did stop traffic so that practice was stopped many moon ago when I worked on Michigan avenue.

  3. MMD - i just love this! it does look like an "eve" dress, huh?

    carolyn - I did not realize they stopped giving away the tulips! Now that you mention it, the last time I remember seeing people with bags of tulips was back around 2002.

  4. Gina

    Learned something new today " The Magnificent Mile" and a little about the city of Chicago.

    I have been to Chicago a couple of times but more or less just driving through.

    Never thought of it as beautiful.

    Looked at all the dresses on the web site. But I think I like the Coca cola one best of all. He one with keys is kind of nice as well the dress Blinds or whatever it was called.

    I have a blog but don't use it much I should do though.

    Have enjoyed to browse through what you have to say and some of your friends