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Monday, July 28, 2008

My 2008 Favorite Flower: Tall Phlox

I am so in love with Phlox paniculata this year.  They are putting on such a spectacular show right now that I'm having to fight myself not to rush out and buy a million more.  2008_0727image0026 2008_0727image0025









Orange Perfection (pictured above) is absolutely stunning against any green foliage and looks awesome against my homemade window trellis that I painted lime green. 

Elizabeth (pictured below) has interesting variegated foliage but she's kinda sickly compared to the others.  I bought this one on clearance last year and although she looked very dead in 2007, she's holding her own so far this year. 












Laura (pictured below) is the most lovely shade of purple.  I painted my kitchen almost this exact color years ago tiny house I was renting.  Everybody said it looked like a playhouse.  Laura's foliage is a little darker which is a lovely contrast against the purple flowers. 












What's growing in your garden that you have a new appreciation for this year?


  1. Your Phlox do look like they're having a great year. I hope 'Elizabeth' is simply recovering from its clearance table ordeal & will perform beautifully next year. Laura is my favorite Phlox. I've got mine in partial shade, never midews. Blooms pretty well too. Now the Phlox out front is in trouble. The deer came & ate off almost all the buds before I had a chance to spray them with repellent. In the photo, the 1st Phlox looks red. Is it really that color, or is it orangy? I'm looking for a good scarlet/crimson/ruby Phlox to go with 'Black Beauty' Lilies.

  2. I have had ... issues .. with phlox. Too much shade and humidity I guess. Yours are fab.

  3. So why not rush out and buy more? They're fabulous! I've never grown them, but will definitely put it on my list to investigate for next year.

    Gardening Examiner

  4. my phlox hasn't started blooming yet. I remember it was a pretty late bloomer last year , so maybe that's just what it does... but,I'm getting kind of worried that it may take a year off, taking the time to recover from me moving it from its original locations)

  5. dude, i had to stop by again and say I just can't get over how freaking beautiful your phlox are. Mine do have flower buds forming on them so apparently I will get a show, it will just be a few weeks after you. Although most of mine are white which is kinda boring... the lady who owned the house b4 us is responsible for that.

  6. Great phlox show . I adore 'orange perfection.' I love phlox, too, Gina but don't rush out just yet and buy more because they will multiply faster than either of us. Well, maybe one more . I noticed that you don't have 'peppermint twist' :)