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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flowers Are Forgiving


Remember last year when I thought I killed my new very tiny Clematis Crimson Star?  Well, look at it now! 

It was being choked by the stupid creeping charlie and as I pulled out the weed that was wrapped around the clematis, I accidentally pulled out a hunk of clematis and the next day it promptly died - or so I thought.


2008_0611image0013I like the velvet looking petals of of the flowers but It doesn't show up as well as I'd hoped against the house.  It's just too dark.   I have two - should I move them?

What's your favorite I-really-thought-I'd-killed-my-plant-but-it-came-back story?


  1. What a gorgeous color! I have a dark red but it is dull compared to yours.

  2. Clematis are a lot tougher than most think. I'm glad your Clem story had a happy ending. Maybe you should grow a pink Clematis with that one or a pink climbing Rose to set it off better. I've had Daylilies I've tried to get rid of, & they keep coming back. Talk about forgiving...

  3. You could move it... right on over to my house! I think that red looks nice against the house, actually... but I really like red. :)