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Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Happy Dance Flowers

Every Friday morning one of the local Chicago news stations has a clip of their staff doing the "Friday happy dance." Think Elaine on Sienfeld - I always get a kick out of it. I think some of my flowers are doing the happy dance today!

I still love the pink Cleome with the Zinnia - both are growing strong on this last day of August.

The Clematis Crimson Star finally bloomed! I planted it earlier this summer to grow up the garage trellis. Unfortunately I killed the one on the other side trying to remove a bastard weed that was growing along with it. Pink hedge roses are still blooming!

Are your flowers doing the Friday happy dance?? Happy Friday, my garden blogging buddies!


  1. Happy Friday to you!! Glad to see you have some annuals still going strong!!! I love Cleome, except when I accidentally touch the stems.

  2. Marion in SavannahAugust 31, 2007 at 3:11 PM

    Happy Friday! My torenia are dancing so happily they're taking over part of a bed from the impatiens, and I'm letting one basil plant do the happy bloom dance for the bees, who swarm all over it. I've got moss roses dancing in front, and still some pink zinnias in the back. The blooms aren't anything to look at, but my asparagus has some, and berries as well. I love your pictures, and your blog!

  3. Blissful Friday, all! Gina, when you 'killed' the other clematis by pulling a weed, did you pull the plant out or did it just falter and die? Because it might come back next year. One year I planted three different clematis I'd purchased from a mailorder company, and I thought all three had died--until the next year, when they came back with a bang and a flourish, quite amazingly so. Seven years later, two of them are showstoppers that cause people to stand with their mouths open--and I hastily tell them it's the climate and the mushroom compost, not the gardener's skill...So be of hope--it may return.
    Things aren't really dancing here because it has rained hard, but out one office window I have Limelight Hydrangea, and that's becoming one of those favourite plants....

  4. Happy Friday!! I am doing a happy dance does that count? We get a 3 day weekend!!!!Some of my flowers are doing really well and others look tired!Your look great still:~)

  5. Oh yes, this is a Happy Friday for me and my flowers. We have a 4 day weekend for the holiday. My petunias still look great and rudbeckia are dancing. The goldenrod is just beginning and is going to be wonderful this fall.

    Have a good holiday.


  6. dirty fingernails - thanks for stopping by! ummmm what happens when you touch the cleome stems?

    hey marion! happy friday! glad to see you still have stuff blooming too!

    jodi - it "faltered and died". man oh man i hope you are right and it comes back next year. Otherwise my plan for having one of these on each side of the garage window is gonna be all messed up. have a wonderful weekend!

    lauri and chris - i have a 3 day weekend too! YAY, us!

    alyssa - 4 day weekend for you? you are winning!

  7. OH some variety, particularly mine that are old to my neighborhood have spines on them.. They reseed themselves, but we have to be very careful when touching them.. YOu must have the spineless variety.