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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Winter Sowing Update

This weekend I uncovered all the WS containers. Things that are doing the best are Asters and Poppy (except the Blue Himalayan).

I also noticed that, either the potting soil I used was contaminated with weed seeds or there is something blowing into the containers because many of the containers have the same little weed growing in them.

It's odd but the containers where the label washed off have nothing growing in them. At least I don't have to play Guess That Seedling, right?

Here's my question. How do I know when it's safe to transplant the seedlings from the WS containers into the ground?


  1. Usually to be safe, you wait until after the "last frost date" for your area.

    Since you're in Chicago, this reference says you should be ok anytime after May 17th.

    Or, for a second opinion, check out the second-from-last chart on this page "When it's safe to plant".

  2. That is a whole lot of winter sowing going on at "My Skinny Garden". I agree with chzplz, but considering the moderate spring we are having, you could probably plant those out now and be okay. But make sure they have their "true leaves" first, I think that's as important as the temperature outside.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Yeah, the "true leaves" rule (at least one set of true leaves) is what I've heard. Sometimes I get really impatient and don't follow that rule myself... and yeah it probably leads to higher transplant fatality...

  4. ohhhhhh... when you cut your milk jugs in half, did you cut all for sides or only three? I cut a bunch of them a few weeks ago and then I ran into the problem where the tops and bottoms got all mixed up and I couldn't figure out what matched what and they wouldn't fit... n' stuff. Duh! for me.

  5. Oh! Please keep me posted on your Himalayan Blue... So far, mine are sloooow starters.