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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May Bloom Day 2008

OK so I'm lame and skipped a whole bunch of Bloom Days. But, what's a girl supposed to do when she has crap for blooms? Well, this time no quitting!

So, here's to my first Bloom Day of 2008. Thanks to Carol over at May Dreams Gardens who hosts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th of every month. Drum roll please!

Karen Azalea planted in my front yard garden. This was one of Carolyn's recommendations.

Dwarf Korean Lilac also planted in my front yard garden. Another suggestion from Carolyn.
Magnolia Ann planted in the front yard garden and still holding on. You go girl!

Northern Hi-Lights Azalea planted in the Good Neighbor Garden. This was one of last years Charlie Brown Shrubs.

Strawberry plants courtesy of GB. I'm sorry to say that about an hour after this photo was taken, a landscaper pulled out all these strawberry plants because he thought they were weeds. Shame on you, Bruce! You almost made me cry!

Red Twig Dogwood. Another one of the Charlie Brown Shrubs.

Holy smokes this is the Lily of the Valley from that nice Freecycle lady. I thought it was a goner! Look how pretty!

This is my prize Mountain Bluet from GB. I say prize because this was my second attempt to grow it. I killed the first one she gave me. Now I have a big ole patch of these and i just love them! Thanks, GB!
6 Alliums. They look like soldiers gardening the Spirea to me, which is a good thing since some landscapers like to make the poor spirea into a ball.

Speaking of Spirea - here it is! Despite being hacked to the ground by me, then growing back only to be made into a ball by some dude, it still bloomed! Yay, Spirea!

Big Box Tulip

Another Big Box Tulip. This one looks like wax to me. It's so beautiful! Mr. Wonderful picked it out last year. Nice job, honey!

Weigelia Wine and Roses. (the replacements)

Nasturtium that I started from seed.

Dahlietta Anna Dahlia that I just purchased yesterday. It was already blooming so I suppose I can't really take credit for this but what the heck...

And last but not least, the flower that needs no introduction.

Wow! That's a good showing for May if I do say so myself.


  1. Oh, cool, now I know what that dark purple fuzzy thing is in my garden (Spirea)... I plan to do my Bloom Day post tonight, but I can already tel you that I'll have like two things ... that's it. Your garden is going gang busters!

  2. I almost posted a picture of the last flower myself! Nice pictures!

  3. Great blooms for bloom day! I have skipped some myself and know the feeling of having naught in bloom.

  4. I'm so glad you're trying again with the Weigela. Your Dogwood is ahead of mine. (At least I think so. I'd better go check.) You've got such gorgeous woodies (plants I mean)!

  5. Everything looks so happy...even the visitor in that last photo!

  6. Gina, wow, you've got a lot going on. You've got some wonderful blooms. Love the mountain bluet. I miss them in my garden. I just love blue flowers.

  7. The kids love picking those flowers in your last photo. Dad look at these pretty flowers. All I see are tall seed heads sticking up in the yard just after it been mowed.

  8. What great color on that weigelia. In fact all are very nice. You have quite a garden.Good Job!
    I'm watching for pictures of the finished arbor.
    The strawberry plants have been very slow to bloom this year. I'm hoping to still get a few berries.They grow all over the place here,I just leave them. Love berries of all sort.To bad they were mistaken for a weed. There is a weed that looks remarkably like strawberry when small.
    Did you replant them, or had they been tossed?

  9. The skinny garden is looking good! Lots going on, lots of bloom, with attitude. Love it!

  10. Lovely! I particularly like the second big box tulip in front of the 'Wine and Roses' weigela. And I adore the red of that nasturtium. Is that 'Empress of India?'

  11. Geez, Louise ! I'm very impressed, Gina with your May blooms ! Things are really looking great.