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Monday, June 18, 2007

LOV Passalong

Yesterday I scored these Lily of the Valley plants from someone in my area who needed to thin hers. Thanks nice lady! I split them and ended up with 6 plants!

I know what you're thinking - "WOW! That green looks spectacular up against that lovely straw colored background!" Hey, it's the best I can do for now. I planted these this morning before work but unfortunately the other unknown plant the nice lady gave me doesn't look so good.

I have no clue what this plant is, and from the looks of things, I never will. It was very close to the LOV so the lady told me to go ahead and take it. Since it is unlikely that I'll be able to fill my gardens with passalong plants, I've come up with another plan for my barren gardens and empty wallet - SEEDS! I read this great article on about how stupid everyone is for not just planting seeds. The article talked about how much more economical seeds are and how the selection is so much better because garden centers can really only sell what is IN BLOOM and that limits them. I'm sure it's not THAT simple but it was all I needed to hear. I'm grasping at straws here! (pun intended)

So, I planted 3 packs of seeds this morning! Giant Delphiniums, Canterbury Bells, and Columbine. Unfortunately, AFTER I planted the seeds I read on the inside of the Columbine seed packet that you should sow them outside before it gets cold, and fertilize them with something special, and call the preacher to bless them etc. I'm kidding about the preacher but DANG there were lots of stipulations with this stuff! Oh well, at least its only a couple of bucks down the drain.

So my plan for MSG 08? Plant millions of seeds. Direct sow because I'm too lazy to do pots, indoors, under lights, in the fridge, or anything along those lines. I'm not chasing off birds or squirrels or any other varmints. If they don't make it, they are not for me!

If anybody has any suggestions on things that I can plant NOW in Zone 5, please let me know.

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  1. I'm new to gardening this year too, and while our house came with some plants it was not nearly enough for me ;) So I put out a cry for help on our local Freecycle and scored a bunch of stuff from three very sweet ladies, and did the same as you with the seeds. I mean, really the same lol. The Delphs, columbines, and Canturburry Bells.... I don't think they made it. I'll try again come fall though. I just didn't read the packets, I was too excited and in a hurry. *shrug*

    I did manage to get some Sunflowers and Four o'Clocks and a few others I haven't ID'd yet (bc I forgot to mark what I put where rofl)

    I'm going to try Winter Sowing a crapload of seeds this winter and see how that goes. I don't have the attention span to take care of seeds direct sown, I forget to keep them moist and they never germinate. Or slugs eat the seedlings as soon as they do germinate. So I'm hoping Ws'ing will give me tons of good stuff next year =)

    Sorry, I tend to babble lol. Just really wanted to let you know you're not alone *g*