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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Patio Project Day 2: It's In!

Here's what I came home to after work on day 2. The pavers are in but there are still a few things that need to be finish. One is replacing the sod around the patio. You an see here that it's basically just dirt. You may remember that I said the grass is higher than the patio. The plan is to shave off the dirt and grass and then replace the sod so that it looks more even with the patio. Thomas says that, since it's been so cold for so long, his vendor hasn't been able cut the sod for sale yet. Hopefully in a week or so that'll be done. I've also asked him to adjust the area near the drain (shown in the top picture) because it's just too noticeable.
So the patio is in and it looks incredibly bare to me. I dunno - it looks like it needs a wall around it or something. What do you think?


  1. I think a soft, curving mixed border with an open spot or two for yard access. I'd add a short paver path or two in the open spot or two through the border, and an arbor or two over the path or two, instead of a wall.

    You asked. . .! :) That's what I pictured the moment I saw your new patio. And since you're removing the grass anyway, it would be so easy to add a border.

  2. I concur with GG! Mixed border! Just don't make it too narrow. Who needs lawn anyway!

  3. garden girl - I LOVE THAT IDEA! I'm planning to build a pergola next month. it will be over toward the walkway. I think a path near the corner that would go toward the garage and then one on the other side that would lead over to the raised veggie beds would be great. regarding the arbor - where would you place that? Right over the patio leading onto the path? I've been trying to find a place for an arbor so thanks for the suggestions!

  4. layanne - i concur with her too! and since I'm a pro at removing sod, this is no problemo!

  5. Strong suggestion - don't do anything until you have your patio furniture and grill in place. It is amazing how much space they can eat - it will most likely determine the traffic flow, which will determine where you need openings in your borders.

  6. Woo hoo! It's done...great to see the final product.

    Any plans for plants around the edge, or do you plan to leave the lawn as edging?

  7. I agree that there should be plants around the patio instead of grass. It will give you tons more garden space to work with!! and would really set it off. Try to find plants that will pick up some of the colors in the stone. The less grass to maintain, the better.

    The patio is beautiful and I just love it. You made a excellent choice. Terrific!

  8. Congratulations! The patio looks mighty fine!

  9. I love your's just beautiful...and I agree with the border have the perfect set-up for a lovely border! some evergreen /winter interest mixed with flowering perennials. The arbor could be on the other side of the patio from the pergola...does that mean it would be on the path toward the veggie beds?

  10. A border sounds like a good idea, perhaps some herbs or fresh greens mixed in with the flowers so they're handy to get and use. Plus, they smell good!

  11. Well I see you've been a busy gal, Gina. Now that you have your patio in now comes the fun part of designing around it and I see you've gotten some good ideas already.

    I think it would be practical to place the pergola over the patio ( you may have to attach a ledger to your house as it looks as if the pavers go right up to its edge ). Since you have no shade trees and would be using the patio to sit out, a pergola there would make sense. A half curved flower bed at the end of the patio would soften the rectangular yard and provide seasonal color.

    Care should be taken not to add too many paths as it would be distracting and fussy. A narrow path from the left of the patio circling around the curved bed and joining the sidewalk would be both practical and pretty.

    Directly opposite the path and next to your home's foundation and the fence I would place your two raised vegetable garden boxes. This would be convenient for you to access from the back door.

    You could also use more planted containers on the patio and the concrete area near your garage for added color and interest.

    To complete the patio garden design I would remove all the grass and add a small ornamental tree, blooming shrubs and perennials.

    I can sketch it out for you if you're not clear about the design concept.

    You are going to be one busy girl with both the front and back : )

  12. I'm catching up here can you tell??

    I love the patio -- excellent choice on the pavers!