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Friday, April 11, 2008

Meeting Stella

Happy Friday Gardeners, Garden Bloggers and Blog Readers!

This is Stella the Dwarf Cherry tree. Yes I know it's not a good picture - I need photography lessons. Stella was ordered and delivered by GB. Thanks, GB! She got them from Miller's Nursery and I was surprised at what good shape it arrived in. For now, Stella gets to live in a pot. I had planned to keep this on the patio but I'm a little concerned that it'll be too big for it. I actually bought the fancy dirt for Stella. When I opened the bag of Scott's Organic Potting Soil I really did say "wow", out loud. The stuff is so dark and fluffy and I sorta wish I'd never tried it because now that's all I want to use. It costs over twice what the plain potting soil does but it is clearly way fancier. And after less than one week Stella is already showing some growth. I soaked her in a bucket of water for a few hours before I planted it. They didn't tell me to do that but it seems like something that's been shipped and dry for days outta be pretty thirsty and I think Stella liked it. See below

Daffs are coming along nicely however the Weigela behind it that I stole from the cart at HD last fall is not even close to coming back to life. It looked really healthy when I bought it so I'm just hoping it's not time yet.

This weekend I promise the following

Wintersowing update

Backyard Ideas Wrap up

ps I've requested lots of vacation time off and on between mid April and the end of May so if my boss doesn't tell me I'm on crack and shred my vacation requests, lots of greatness will be happening at MSG.


  1. Your tree makes me think of Brando in "On the Waterfront": "STEL-LA!" Don't give up on that Weigela yet. It may need more time to leaf out. If you want to know if it's still alive, take a sharp knife & scrape off a tiny spot of bark. If it shows brown, go closer to the trunk. Keep going until you find green. Green=it's alive.

  2. thanks for the suggestion, MMD. i dont think i've seen the move you are referring to...

  3. Maybe the weigela is backlashing cause he was stolen ? ;)