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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Earth Day Contest

The nice folks over at Brita sent a faucet mount filter system and these cool water bottles for me to try just in time for Earth Day. They know I'm already a fan.

I love their new Filter For Good campaign and Mr. W has taken the pledge to reduce his use of bottled water now that Brita has made it so easy. Here's the best part - they sent 2 extra faucet mount system/filter for good water bottle combos for me to give away.

The faucet mount system was really easy to install. Just remove thingy on the faucet and screw in the adapter (you may not need an adapter but if you do, there's already one in the kit)

Attach the bottom of the filter system

Plug in the filter and flush for 5 minutes

Fill your Filter For Good Bottle and you are ready to go.


Tell us one thing you'll do starting on Earth Day (April 22, 2008) to reduce, reuse or recycle.

This can be something simple like replacing a light bulb with a CF one, recycling your plastic milk jugs, starting a compost pile, or it can be something huge like installing solar panels on your house.

You can submit your Earth Day resolution here in the comment section of this entry, put it on your own blog and let me know it's there, or email me directly. I'll draw 2 names from all the entries and mail your gift to you. Each winner will receive one faucet mount filter system and one filter for good water bottle.

Here are a few ideas:

Plant more native plants
Try chemical free grass treatments
Take public transportation to work 1 day per week (or bike like Katie)
Buy a Hybrid
Try worm composting (YIKES!)
Bring your sandwich to work in a reusable container instead of plastic bags
Buy more local food

The drawing will be on Earth Day.

Remember this coming Earth Day that any effort you make WILL make a difference.


  1. Great post, Gina! I think you're going to like the faucet mounted filter. We've had one for about 10years now & I can't imagine going without it. (We like it so much we haven't bothered to hook up our fridge's water dispenser. Those are some great suggestions for becoming more green.

  2. I'd love for you to share a link to this post on my blog ( under my post "Share Your Thoughts for a Greener World". We are having an Earth Day Celebration through 4/22 trying to help bring green to everyday people. This would be a great addition.


  3. Here is my Earth Day resolution. Since I have a family child care in my home I've tried to expose the kids to earth friendly ideas, believing that if they grow up with the idea of reduce, reuse, recycle it will seem like the right thing to do (or at least not some weird, alien idea!). We already use washable plates instead of paper, have a garden they love to eat out of, have a compost pile, and use recycled paper from some of the parents' offices for a lot of out art projects among other things. So for my resolution I will set up a worm composter...something I've been toying with doing already. We've recently switched from delivered bottled water to a countertop Brita system...a faucet mounted one would sure be easier!

  4. Enjoy your new Nalgene bottles! I've had my Nalgene for about seven years and I love it. I think it's neat that Brita and Nalgene are partnering for this. (a very interesting ad campaign giving exposure to two products/companies at once) Anyway, I love my Nalgene as much as a person can love a water bottle. These things are indestructable and last forever!
    People should get one even if it doesn't have the Brita logo stamped on the side. They come in lots of colors (mine's yellow and black)and sizes.

  5. Heather's GardenApril 16, 2008 at 8:35 PM

    My current post is about the vegetables that I'm planting and some of the objects that I'm re-purposing. 18 months ago I would have just thrown them into the garbage without a second thought. We have a Brita faucet mounted filter and love it! But I could always use a spare and I covet the water bottle.

  6. For our Earth Day resolution my wife and I plan on buying more local food and growing more of our own. We've started two flats of vegetable seedlings and are just chomping at the bit to get them in the ground! And the stuff we don't grow will be purchased at local farmer's markets.

  7. I'm serious about getting serious. We use a lot of paper cups because our old dishwasher doesn't do a very good job on glasses. I'm going to start handwashing them and get rid of the paper cups.

    I also went out and bought power strips and am plugging everything into them that isn't already in one and turning them all off at night.

    Two small changes that will save us money AND be great for the environment.


  8. MMD - i didnt even know they had these things 10 years ago!

    goodies - thanks for the invite!

    leslie - that is really awesome (and sorta gross haha) - please keep us updated on the worm composting.

    babs - im loving the bottle so far.

    heather - great! i can't wait to follow your progress.

    chet - thanks for stopping by. buying local is a great idea. growing it yourself is even more fun.

    wrenna - power strips - ROCK ON!

  9. I am in the Chicago area as well..with my own "skinny garden"!
    I recently started working at a Montessori school that is infant through 8th grade. And environmentally there is a lot to improve on. My hope is to get a group together to start working on some things: greener cleaning supplies, buying cups that can be reused or easily recycled (right now we have #6 cups), planting some native plants on the playground (good for environment, good for children), better recycling in general...etc.
    In the future I think it would be wonderful to have a compost bin, vegetable many possibilities.

  10. This was a great idea - sorry I missed it! For Earth Day I drove around, looking for an apartment in the city so that my family can live a more sustainable lifestyle. Except for the driving part, I think it was a pretty good way to spend the day: looking toward our sustainable future.