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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Backyard Garden Ideas Wrap Up

Thank you all for your suggestions on how to improve the backyard now that the new patio is in place. I appreciate you all. Here is a summary of the suggestions.
Carolyn has done it again with an awesome full blown plan for the backyard. I wish I could look at a space then just whip up a design like this. Thank you, Carolyn! Carolyn's plan involves moving the AC unit down to the end of the house making room for a BBQ area - I love this part!. She also has a big pergola over the patio which I am doing.
Curved beds - the most popular suggestion from you guys made by

Retainer wall around the patio - suggestion made by

Extending the Pergola over the AC unit to shade it - suggestion by

Stay tuned for Weekend Warriors: GB and Pie Guy help build a Pergola. Coming the weekend of May 11th!

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  1. Your patio turned out great! I'm about to try and install a soft-set brick, herring bone patio w/ similar dimensions to yours in my yard down here in NC. Unfortunately, I already blew my non-DIY budget on having some excavation and a retaining wall built, so I'm stuck fending for myself with the patio. Here's hoping I don't end up w/ a hopeless mess on my hands! I'm also planning a pergola, so I eagerly await May 11th to see how yours turns out. Good luck!