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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday Seed Headlines

Lower level light
In order to make room to start more seeds I had to set up my second light and move some of the seedlings down. As you can see from the picture above, the light is too high above the seedlings. Tomorrow I'll go buy some extra chain to lower it.

The main light is now stocked with brand newly sown seeds. Here's what I started today.

  • Food: Rapini Broccoli, Ramanesco Broccoli, White Beauty Tomato, Moneymaker Tomato, Luffa Gourd
  • Non-food: Lady's Mantle, Blue Fescue, Miscanthus, "Terrific Trailers" seed mix made for hanging baskets

Himilayan Experiment Update: Planted seeds 3 different ways. Coconut fiber pellets x 3, Peat pots x 4, Winter Sown plastic water jug. I have a few seeds left which I'll probably WS later unless the indoor ones do particularly well.

Growing Challenge update: The bush beans and yellow zucchini have now been transplanted to the compost tumbler. I noticed that they were growing these crazy scary roots out the bottom of the coconut fiber pellets. RIP beans and zucchini! I'll try again later.

I've just got to say something about Baker Creek Heirloom seed company. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! I ordered Rapini, white tomato, rocky top lettuce mix and some aster seed and they sent all that PLUS Ramanesco Italian Broccoli, Moneymaker Tomato, Cucumber Lemon. Was that nice of them? Plus, their seed packs contain plenty-o-seeds. If you have not checked them out, you should! I know everybody and their brother mentions these people in their blog but they are totally worth it. The one complaint I have is that they don't tell you the days to maturity or give planting instructions on some of the seeds. That can be a problem for a first time seed starter like me. But their free seeds make up for that. Who gives away free Heirloom seeds??


  1. Sow and learn right? I've got some seeds coming from Baker Creek, too. They should be here this week. I wonder if they will throw in a few surprises for me, too.

    I'll be starting my seeds indoors in a few weeks. I finally wore out my first set of lights and had to get new this year.

    Keep on sowin'!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Are those egg shells you're using as seed pots? I tried last year but had very bad results, even with lime loving plants. I'll be intyerested to see how yours get on.

  3. carol - i bet they'll include some free seeds in your order. they did that the one other time i ordered from them last year, too. let me know, OK?

    sue - no they are not egg shells. those are coconut fiber pellets that I ordered from peaceful valley farm and garden supply. you can find them at they are used instead of peat pellets because they are sustainable. i love them. you just hydrate them with water then stick the seeds right in there. thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I think you've coined a new phrase "transplanted to the compost pile." If all of those plants survive, where will you put them?