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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Himalayan Experiment

Disclaimer: I did not grow this!

I've made no secret that I covet Jodi's beautiful Blue Himalayan Poppys. Pictures of them just make me drool.

From my understanding these things are next to impossible to grow. I know this because periodically Jodi posts pictures of them just to remind us that she can grow these and we can't, in case we have forgotten. And every time she posts a picture, tons of people comment that they've tried to grow these and failed.

Well - I'm up for the challange! I've got my seeds and I'm ready to start growing these sons of you-know-whats!

I'm willing to do just about anything to get this suckers to grow. If I need to call the priest over to bless the dirt then so be it. If I need to talk to them, buy fancy food for them, beg borrow get the picture.

So how about it - do you have a plant that you've tried and failed to grow? How about giving it another shot. 2008 could be your year! Lets prove to all those fancy flower growing show offs that we can do it to!
I start my seeds tomorrow - I'll keep you posted! And if you are one of those people who can cast spells to make stuff grow, please cast a grow spell on my Blue Himalayan Poppy seeds!


  1. Gina,
    Those are suppose to be one reported to wintersow perfectly. (WS'd Himalayan Poppy.) Did you sow them all inside? Sometimes people have luck just broadcasting a few seed directly on the soil/snow, but that would totally freak me out! I know they hate, hate, hate any kind of heat and a lot of people have trouble getting them past the seedling stage.
    I wish you lots of luck and good juju!

  2. Gina
    I tried for 2 years and I spent "money" on actual plants .. they made it through the season .. bloomed pretty blooms but never appeared the next year .. our heat/humidity here in Kingston during the summer is just TOO much for the little beauties sadly.
    JoPS .. I do hope you have better luck than I did !

  3. What a fun post, Gina! I hope that the little monsters do well for you--they're crotchety from seed, but it can be done, and I think wintersowing really fresh seed will bring success. I'll be cheering you on from here.

  4. They certainly are worth whatever the trouble. They are so pretty!

    I'm attempting to grow lantana from seed right now and not having much success at the moment.

  5. heheheeheh getting bit drastic asking for spells to be cast are they that hard to grow , if so don't think I will even try I need easy idiot proof to make progress with so anything that requires any modicum of green fingers is out

  6. tina - thanks for the link - I did this last night. I sure hope it works!

    joy - I don't think they'll come back next year here either but if I can get them to seed and collect my own I'll happily sow them every year. Thanks for stopping by!

    jodi - thank you in advance for the cheers! I'm gonna need them.

    robin - i LOVE lantana but it won't grow in our zone 5 from what I understand. keep us up-to-date on how it'd doing!

    PG - i'm probably making a big mistake but hey, it's just a few seeds right? Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. You're a braver gardener than I! I won't even bother with these things. They don't like our heat & humidity. Maybe you could grow 1 in a pot & bring it inside into the air conditioning on jungle-like days. Good luck, I hope you succeed with them! You never know, you might get lucky.

  8. The pic of the poppy almost makes my heart stop!

    Good luck with growing them. And don't give up if they don't work t he first time. As gardeners we improve so much with every year of experience...